American Idol Las Vegas 2013: Devin Velez Performs (VIDEO)

One thing is for sure about Devin Velez on American Idol Las Vegas 2013 and that is he brings something new to the show and maybe that is a good thing for a show slipping and slipping in the ratings? The American Idol judges 2013 gave Devin high praise after his performance of “Somos Novios” by Andrea Bocelli last night on American Idol 2013. Was it enough to take him into the Top 10 on American Idol Season 12?

American Idol Las Vegas 2013 - Devin Velez

I am still not sure what I think of this performance. Yes, I understand there are Spanish songs out there. Yes, I understand that Spanish is a popular language and growing in the United States. I am not a fan of Devin singing in Spanish and not a fan of singing in Spanish on American Idol. 

Sure, I thought Devin started rough and got better when he broke into the Spanish part, but that could be because I have no clue what he is even singing. Check it out here and tell me your thoughts:

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