Who Went Home On The Amazing Race 2013 Last Night? Episode 3

The teams were headed to New Zealand last night on The Amazing Race 2013 and the big question of the night was whether or not Dave and Connor would be able to continue on The Amazing Race Season 22 after he looked to rupture his Achilles last week, so how did that work out and who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 last night? You just never know when it comes down to The Amazing Race 22!

Amazing Race 2013 Cast

First of all: Dave went to the doctors and got tested and he did tear his Achilles tendon and received crutches and a boot for his leg last night on The Amazing Race 2013.

Second: Jessica and John did give the Express Pass to Dave and Connor, like they promised, even though it was more of a sympathy give since Dave was hurt.

Third: Dave and Connor thought they fell behind the other teams on The Amazing Race 2013 during the Detour, so they used the Express Pass already!

Fourth: They ended up completing the leg and checked in as the first team on The Amazing Race 22 and won a trip to Bangkok.

Fifth: The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan said the race continued from there and gave them a new clue, but asked if Dave could continue and he said he thinks he needs some time for recovery, but wasn’t sure.

Sixth: Cue the dramatic pause….

Seventh: Cue the “To Be Continued” to flash across my television screen

Eighth: Cue me not being a happy guy

No one was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013, but now we wait another week to see what happens with Dave and see how the other teams all finish.

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  1. Did they say if two teams are going to be eliminated next week, or was last night a non-elimination leg? It would be a real bummer if Dave and Connor wasted their Express Pass on a non-elimination leg, but at least they won a trip with it.

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