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  • chis

    stopped watching i am very dissapointed to bad they will lose so many viewers … this is nuts , its sad never missed a season i guess we are 30 people that have stopped …

  • eric

    well we can look at it this way we can move people on or send others home like the blonde clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Ratliff

    Wow. Five very talented young ladies went home tonight instead of four because someone with little to no singing ability was voted through by the judges because she came from Africa and had to overcome adversity. Is this American Idol or Ophra? I will no longer be a viewer. Very shocked and disappointed.

  • Lakota jones

    A lot of the comments hit one area! Action should be takin. Thx

  • april quillen

    What is wrong this year why is the blonde head clown still there

  • Sandy labelle

    I use to love this show. Tune up your music ear instead of your nasty ear. The Voice is a better show with more talented judges who show more class when dealing with their talent. You missed the mark with the girls. I won’t sit through the sudden death of the guys. Who is everyone kidding. Randy makes the final decision period. Sadly Keith and Mariah chose the wrong show to debut.

    • Sandy labelle

      Very disappointed with American Idol this season. This was a first class show. I noticed you have very few posts. You must be deleting them all.

  • Lakota jones

    I know you have a hard job, but come on! You get rid of some of the best entertainment Melinda was had to beat for energy, you put through people that I fall asleep to and not in a good way, rethink what people want to hear, I understand you want voice talent but take into the people that keep others like myself energized to stay on keepin on. Up beat and feeling is where I feel it is going these days. No one needs stress music about heart breaks to make some mentalist go crazy. I feel you made three good choices tonight and the cocain and booze got to you for the other two. Drug test should be done on judges! I know your viewers are not watching from Canada cause you put Nicky as a judge, some of her comments about some of the performers? She should be asked to watch herself before she finds herself in legal action. Sexual intended comments should be not takin lightly, like I said it is a hard and stressful job so keep it up just take another look at who should be moving on. Thx

  • Steve

    Julianna the 15 year old brought out the very best of what an american idal should be. My second best choice for actual performance, but if Idol is about dreams, the judges missed it tonight. I doubt I, my family or friends will continue to follow it this season. Maybe next year.

  • Greg Belyea

    Nicki needs to immediately stop talking with her hands and touching her hair. Everytime the camera is on here she’s using her claws to stroke her hair. These are a couple of her many annoying habits. I have never before contacted American Idol but I am so aggravated by this that I felt you should know that this does not present very well on television. I hope you can do something about this annoying behaviour and rethink you choices for next seasons judges. Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind.

  • sally talbot

    Watched one of the beginning shows, and I hated the bickersons.
    tuned you in agin tonight and get those 2 (edit – bad word) off the judging panel for next season….their egos, antics and attitudes out shine, but like a thunderstorm everything…you lost me for this season

    • Lakota jones

      Sally, you have the same thing to say as a lot of other people I know. I am very glad you said it. Thx Lakota

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