Who Was Eliminated On The Bachelor 2013 Last Night? Episode 9

The Bachelor Sean Lowe and the final three women on The Bachelor 2013 made their way to Thailand last night and after their overnight dates with Sean, he had to send one of them home, but who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013 last night? It got intense, but find out The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers right here!

Bachelor Sean Lowe- Final 3 Women

We saw Sean spend a day with each of the final three women in Thailand. They all seemed to go well and they all accepted his invitation to stay in the fantasy suite, even though rumors said that AshLee Frazier turned him down. Cameras were turned off and they were alone and together for the first time. What happened, only they will know!

When the dates were over on The Bachelor 2013, Sean Lowe told The Bachelor host Chris Harrison that he was pretty sure who he was sending home. That seemed to remain his choice, even with the ladies making video messages for him before the final Rose Ceremony.

The first rose went to Lindsay Yenter and the second rose went to Catherine Giudici. The means that AshLee was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013 last night. She left without saying goodbye to the other women and without saying a word to Sean…can someone say bitter much?

Who do you think Sean should have sent home last night on The Bachelor 2013?

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  1. It did not look good for Ashlee at all. Participating in such a thing is more like going for job interview – 20 candidates competing against each other for only one single position. Only one will get the offer at the end. Of course it is an intense and somewhat heart-breaking competition to win, the odds of winning is only 5% to start with. In the last night’s episode, the odds of winning for each of the 3 beautiful and sexy ladies was only 33%. So it is always good to do this math upfront to keep oneself on check.

    But hey,my sympathy to Ashlee though i am not sure if she was extremely hurt or extremely angry. Looked angry on the surface. Ashlee did what her heart told her to do. All the best for her.

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