The Biggest Loser – Episode NINE – Live Recap

Woo Hoo, The Biggest Loser 2013 Season 14 is flying by!   It’s episode nine and there are six people left… Who was eliminated on The Biggest Loser last week?  It was Francelina – in a heart-breaking red-line week the biggest motivator had the lowest weight lose.  Poor Jeff – but the show must go on.   Don’t worry, she’s doing fabulously – down to 190 pounds, dancing, getting ready for med school, and Still, dating Jeff!  YES!  However, back at the ranch things just got harder.  It’s double elimination time, and they’re going to have to face their biggest fears.  So let’s go!


Blocks!  Those are bricks they have to stack!  The person who stacks the most gets a 1 pound advantage.   Plus, it’s a popularity contest.  The person who’s name gets stacked the slowest will be spending a week off the ranch.  Yikes!  Hey, wait a minute - Jackson doesn’t want to be saved!  He wants the chance to try life on the outside – off the ranch.   Shock!  He has to pick someone to go with him.  He was not counting on that!  Who’s he gonna pick?!

He didn’t have to pick - Jeff volunteers!  It’s a “man-cation.”

Hmm, cute little house.  Jackson is pumped!

Now it’s the kids.  Lindsey will be  facing her fear of  of becoming diabetic – remember she’s a pre-diabetic.  Bingo’s biggest fear is vegetables.  Don’t laugh!  He’s a kid, and a lot of kids have a similar fear.  Sunny‘s fear is a tough one – she’s afraid of her mom dying of obesity.  Wow.  Gillian is really good with her, and points out to us viewers how hard it is for a kid to deal with weight issues when they have a parent who isn’t.  In fact, Jillian thinks part of Sunny’s keeping the weight on is that her mother isn’t trying to take any weight off….

The guys are talking …Jeff’s biggest fear is waking up at “30,40, 50″ and finding his life hasn’t been what he wanted – of being a failure.  I’m sure there are people there out who can relate to that – weight problem or not.

It’s amazing how Jillian can be so  understanding with people.  Gina opens up so much to her.  Gina has been giving and giving to others, and then when she doesn’t get shown the same kind of love, she blows up (you’ve seen it) and destroys the relationship.

The guys take a hike/run up a mountain.  They think they’re going to get to the Hollywood sign (so the house is in southern California) – until they realize the sign is on a completely different mountain.  Oh well, it was a good workout anyway!

Bingo’s mom takes the special recipes provided and hides vegetables in the meatloaf.  Bingo!  He eats it.  Problem solved!

Gina is being put in a coffin.  A coffin.  Apparently it’s not just about a fear of  enclosed spaces, it’s about a fear of death.  Jillian gets her to stay in there for 20 minutes.

Lindsey is at her guidance counselor learning about diabetes and what it would be like.  The counselor is diabetic, so it’s really helpful!

What is that contraption   And what is this, Jackson and Jeff are back for the challenge.  They have to hold up 40 percent of their body weight standing out on some kind of plank in a harness…because they are seven stories up! Oh man.  I don’t quite get the contraption, but there’s a bar they have to push down on it and it’s attached to 4o percent of their body weight.  The winner gets immunity, so they are gunning for it.    Jeff is the first to let go and is bungee jumped down.  Jackson does not like heights and screams all the way down. Now it’s just Danni and Gina…  Gina is seriously talking to herself, Danni is slipping, down to one hand.  There she goes!  Gina wins.  She wants to prove that she’s not the person she was last week.

Sunny is now facing her biggest fear.  Wow…her mom is majorly defensive.  “I don’t want you to get so heavy, get sick and die.”  Sunny does manage to get through to her.   In the camera interview, Sunny’s mom breaks down about how hard it is to hear her daughter voice this fear, of knowing she’s the source of anxiety  rather than comfort.  It’s Sunny who’s journey will be helping her mom on her own journey.  She’s calls Sunny the best thing to happen in her life.  Awww…it’s a sweet moment.

Now we’re on Danni and Jillian. Danni’s fear is singing in public.  Jillian says it’s more about being seen… Do I see a The Biggest Loser, The Voice cross-over in the works?  They’re off to sing in a little night lounge…

Bob’s with Joe.  Joe’s fear is sharks - Bob says it’s fear about not being in control. Off they go, in a boat, going further and further from shore.

Back with Danni -Whoa…I was joking earlier, but Danni’s singing is actually really good!  I never felt I was good enough, I was too fat, thinking she had to be perfect in order to be happy.  Hence, she’s never been happy.  Today she learned she didn’t have to be perfect to be happy and that it’s okay to take risks.

Joe is in the water, he’s in open water with 5oo miles to swim to shore.   He makes it – no sharks.  Instead he learns about letting go and taking risks…I’m sensing a theme.

Back at the ranch, Gina apologizes to Alex for her “I’m not doing it” attitude.  It’s a step in the right direction.  let’s see how it holds up.

Last chance workouts: the guys out in the real world push garbage containers up and down a big hill, jumping jacks, push ups, then do it again.  Good improv!  Gina is working hard – immunity or not.  Alex says Dolvett is using Gina to make her work harder – because Alex is competitive.  Hey – whatever works!

Now it’s the weigh-in.  Jillian is talking trash about how Jackson shouldn’t have volunteered.  I think she’s off base.  I get her point, but he really made that choice for himself not because he wanted to be a martyr.  He lost 11 pounds so, in your face, Jillian!

Jeff does even better than Jackson with a 13 pound weight-loss.  Bob says it’s because Jeff had a point to prove.  Whatever.

Joe does well too though breaking the 300 pound barrier for the first time since he was sixteen!  Way to go, Joe!

Alex is below the yellow line, but the coaches are all cheering her on because it’s great for her.  Still, she may be going home.

Only Danni is next. Gillian is worried.  She has to have lost over 8 pound to be above the line…  She did it!  She lost 1o pounds!  She also wins the weigh in.  Unfortunately, it puts Jackson in the bottom two.  It’s a tough decision for the others to make, but this week it’s Alex that’s going home.

The after interview with Alex is awesome!  She definitely looks fabulous!

Next week is makeover week!  Along with makeovers – they are going home to see their families.  That could be a mixed blessing.  Stay tuned for episode 10 of season 14 of The Biggest Loser.

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  1. Julia Stone says:

    It’s always really sad when people voted off the ranch, but I’m happy to see Alex is doing so well at home. I’ll be rooting for Danni to win it all now that Alex is gone and I can’t wait to see how she does next week.

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