Who Went Home On The Amazing Race 2013 Last Night? Episode 2

In case you were too busy watching the 2013 Academy Awards last nightThe Amazing Race Season 22 was on and in case you were wondering who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 last night we have your answer right here. It was an interesting night and left us with some questions for what will happen next week on The Amazing Race 22!

The Amazing Race 2013 - Episode 2

The big lingering question of the night would be if Dave and Connor would be able to continue in The Amazing Race 2013. They were sprinting to make it to the check-in and Dave seems to think he ruptured his achilles! He was struggling walking on it and by the previews for next week it looks like he did and it might be an exit for the dad and son team.

With that being said, there were some struggles last night from other teams but the biggest struggles were with Idries and Jamil. They came into The Amazing Race 22 knowing their biggest challenge would be the water. Well, the teams had to go in the ocean and do some diving last night and Idries was having none of it. He wanted to take the penalty right away, but Jamil talked him into trying and eventually they gave up and went and tried the other Detour, which they completed quickly.

It was too little, too late, as all the other teams built a lead on them because of their struggles with the first detour and they were the last team to check-in with host Phil Keoghan. It was an elimination leg of the race, so Idries and Jamil were eliminated from The Amazing Race 2013!

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