American Idol Las Vegas 2013 Live Recap: Vegas Rounds Part 1 (VIDEO)

Get ready for the first set of girls to take the stage tonight on American Idol Las Vegas 2013, as the Top 40 on American Idol Season 12 have made their way to Las Vegas with the American Idol judges 2013 to find out who is moving on to the Top 20 on American Idol 2013. We get to see ten of the girls perform tonight and we will get immediate American Idol 2013 results, as the judges will send five girls home and five girls will stay in the competition. Find out who was eliminated on American Idol 2013 during my American Idol Las Vegas 2013 Live Recap tonight!

American Idol Las Vegas 2013 - Group 1

After weeks and weeks and weeks and even more weeks of auditions and Hollywood Week, we have arrived at the Vegas Rounds on American Idol 2013. If you can’t tell, I have been annoyed this season. If we aren’t dragging out results or making weeks into round and putting it on for two weeks then we are dealing with the drama between the new judges on American Idol 2013! Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this a singing competition and not a judging competition?

Maybe that explains why the ratings are down for American Idol Season 12? Anyway, FOX is hoping that American Idol Las Vegas 2013 can bring those faithful Idol fans back and bring those ratings back up to where they used to be. Will the Vegas Rounds help though?


Jenny Beth Willis – “Heaven, Heartache and The Power Of Love”

Judges: Keith Urban said it was a great way to start the show and loves her effortless performance. Nicki Minaj liked her voice, but didn’t think she came alive until the very end. Randy Jackson said it felt a little jerky to him and not her best performance. Mariah Carey said nice performance, but she could be more dynamic during the verses.

Tenna Torres – “Soulmate” by Natasha Beddingfield

Judges: Keith said it was a beautiful song for her to do and he liked the end. Nicki said she reminded her of why she fell in love with her voice and she had great control and tone, but tells her to lose the hair. Randy said this is the start of the night and this is how you do it! What did you think? Mariah said this was all you and she gave every bit of her emotion.

Adriana Latonio – “Ain’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin

Judges: Keith said now the night has started Randy. Nicki said little tiny thing, but commands the stage the second she walks out. Randy said this girl is a pro and he loved it. Mariah said it can be a rough song to take on, but she loved how she came through with her version of the song…an A+.

Brandy Hotard: “Anymore” by Travis Tritt

Judges: Keith said her voice was good on that song, but it was an emotional connection inconsistency. Nicki said that was a pageant delivery of the song and it did not feel real. Randy said she didn’t have the right connection to the lyric and it didn’t tell enough of what kind of artist she wants to be. Mariah said she presented herself well tonight and when she opens up her voice it sounds like a million dollar moment.

Shubha Vedula – “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga

Judges: Keith said on one hand it was confusing because there was so much going on, but on the other hand her voice prevailed. Nicki said there was so much going on, but her voice sounds like a mashup of Christina Aguilera and Gangnam Style and it was confusing. Randy said there were too many runs, but the potential in her is amazing and he would have loved to see her stay at the piano. Mariah said she would of preferred the song from the piano and it was less forced.

Kamaria Ousley: “Mr. Know It All” by Kelly Clarkson

Judges: Keith said he didn’t know if that was a great song for her tonight. Nicki said she noticed a throaty, twangy thing tonight and it didn’t work. Randy said from the start of the song it never caught on and her worst performance she has made. Mariah said she may have been struggling to hear herself and that could have affected her pitch, but she is adorable.

Kree Harrison – “Up to the Mountain”

Judges: Keith said she is a natural born singer and it is beautiful to watch her sing. Nicki said she would be very afraid if she was any of these other girls here tonight. Randy said that is because she is a natural born singer and connects with the lyric. Mariah said she is lost in the song and that is a beautiful thing to watch and she sang the hell out of that song.

Angela Miller: “Nobody’s Perfect” by Jessie J

Judges: Keith said she has a beautiful voice. Nicki said nothing is going to compare to that original performance she did before and she is already a top contender in this competition. Randy said America is witnessing the building of a superstar. Mariah said she needs to keep writing and it was phenomenal.

Isabelle: “God Bless The Child”

Judges: Nicki said she is up here looking like a diva tonight and she is proud of her and be proud. Randy said she has a big voice and a huge talent, but it was a little old-fashioned to him. Mariah said if she would have done a simple arrangement, it would have been different. Your heart is what is selling you.

Amber Holcomb: “My Funny Valentine”

Judges: Keith said why does she make it hard on everyone else and it was great technically and great to watch. Nicki said that vocal was A+++, but she is wondering if that inner-shine is going to shine through the TV. Randy said the vocal was amazing and she made the most important run shine like a diamond. Mariah said she loved her interpretation of that song.

Now it is time for the eliminations on American Idol Las Vegas 2013:

  • In: Tenna Torres, Kree Harrison, Angela Miller, Amber Holcomb and Adriana Latonio
  • Out: Jenny Beth Willis, Brandy Hotard, Isabelle (who else is shocked by that one), Kamaria Ousley and Shubha Vedula

Those are the five ladies moving on to the Top 20 on American Idol Season 12! What are your thoughts?

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