Survivor 2013 Caramoan Live Recap: Episode 2 – Honey Badger

Survivor 2013 Caramoan is fun to watch in the early stages of the game, as the castaways try to form their alliances and everyone and every idea is being tossed around like dice on a craps table, but it seemed like some extra hard tossing on the Survivor Caramoan 2013 premiere last week and I am over it. It is Fans vs. Favorites again on Survivor Season 26, so these Favorites are coming back thinking they know what they are doing and then it all blows up in their face on Survivor 2013 Caramoan! Find out who was voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013 during my Survivor 2013 Caramoan Live Recap tonight!

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Some familiar faces made their way to Survivor 26 last week, as castaways like Brandon Hantz and Malcolm Freberg or John Cochran joined the Favorites tribe. We also saw the newbies take their tribe to their own camp and it seemed like we had a quick alliance for between Reynold and Allie (who seemed to be making out and cuddling throughout the first night and was seen by their tribe members) and Eddie and Hope (who think they are the two prettiest ones on Survivor 2013 Caramoan! They think they are the coolest ones there, but how long will that last this season?

Tonight, Brandon Hantz is on a mission. I guess he wants to keep the Hantz going strong on Survivor 26, so he is going to go a little loopy and make some scenes. I think he will fail miserably.

The Fans come back from Tribal Council and Brandon is pissed that everyone voted Francesca out the first time again. He is pissed at Dawn and they get into it and she walks away. Brandon wants to go Russell Hantz-style on his tribe and he wants to go out with a bang on his tribe! Will he though?

For the Fans, Shamar is laying low and doing nothing, which he did the first show as well. A veteran of Iraq war, but he is a lazy bum? He is then approached by Sherri, who wants to form an alliance with him and Laura, Matt, Julia and Michael to go up against the couples. She tells him to continue to be annoying and that helps her case.

Brandon then wakes up the next day and he had a new look on life and he wants to be nice, not mean and approaches Phillip about being part of the flow of information with him. Now Phillip is nuts! Brandon then goes to the tribe and wants Phillip gone because he feels like a bully. What is going on tonight?

Immunity Challenge: three people run out and get on raft, three other people will pull them out to a platform where they will dive down and find a cage to remove bamboo sticks that will release rings. Once they collect all nine rings, they will be pulled back to shore and the remaining three people will do ring toss on three wooden poles. The first tribe to get a ring on each pole wins immunity.

They will also be playing for a reward, which is a fishing kit to help them go out and get some fish to eat. For the Fans, Laura sits out. The tribes head out and it is about even as they get to the platform and both get their first ring. Favorites get rings collected and headed back. Fans still trying as Favorites start tossing. Malcolm gets two rings before the Fans get back to shore. The Fans catch up and it is a two to one lead for the Favorites on the poles. Phillip gets the final pole and they win immunity and the reward! Will Sherri go home since she sucked it up in the water?

Now Phillip has a new organization and he gives out nicknames for them all. Malcolm is the Enforcer and the others are annoyed. How does he make it this far in the game?

Back at the Fans tribe and Reynold goes off on Shamar and wants him gone, but Shamar has none of it and goes off on him back. Will they vote Sahamr off or will his new alliance work with him on Survivor 2013 Caramoan?

Matt is now wanting to go with Eddie and his alliance, but Sherri wants to keep Shamar at her side and they may have decided to go with Allie instead, but what way will Matt go?

Then Reynold is out looking for the hidden Immunity Idol and he actually finds it! Right before they leave for the Tribal Council, Laura sees Reynold with the bulge in his pants from the idol and she is freaking out that he may give it to Allie to keep her safe! I don’t think he cares about her that much!

Tribal Council time: the foursome alliance with Eddie, Reynold, Hope and Allie is called into question, Shamar is thrown under the bus and then Laura questions that someone has a hidden Immunity Idol and Reynold comes out and says he has it and now he will play it.

Time for the vote and who knows what way it is going to go down. Jeff Probst tallies the vote and Reynold does not play the hidden Immunity Idol. The votes go four for Shamar and then the next six for Allie and she is the person who was eliminated on Survivor 2013 Caramoan!

Should Reynold of played the idol?

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