The Biggest Loser 2013: Exclusive Interview with Lindsay Bravo

Many families in this country are dealing with childhood obesity and The Biggest Loser 2013 Season 14 realizes that, so they decided to tackle that issue head-on and added child contestants for the first time on The Biggest Loser 2013. One of those contestants was Lindsay Bravo, who was able to work with Dolvett Quince as her The Biggest Loser trainer. It was an awesome opportunity for her, as she was able to tackle some of her demons, including quitting cheerleading. I was able to talk with Lindsay from The Biggest Loser 2013 about being on the show and the biggest thing she is taking away from The Biggest Loser 2013.

The Biggest Loser - Season 14

Q. Todd, Gossip & Gab: What made you sign up for The Biggest Loser Season 14?
A. Lindsay: I actually wanted to sign up because I would always struggle with my weight since I was little. I just wanted to have a change and be healthy and fit for once. Just knowing The Biggest Loser did teens and kids, it was really awesome. This show is not helping adults, it is helping childhood obesity and that is awesome on their part.

Q. Todd, Gossip & Gab: What were you thinking when they did choose you for this childhood obesity campaign this season?
A. Lindsay: I was praying to God. I was saying, ‘please, I really need this.’ I was going back and forth. When the producer told me I was going to make it, it was so awesome. I was jumping for joy. I called all my relatives and everyone was so happy for me and it was really cool.

Q. Todd, Gossip & Gab: Any news on the cheerleading or tryouts for you?
A. Lindsay: I’m still in eighth grade and just practicing and trying really hard to know the moves. I do keep in touch with some of the cheerleaders there. I’m just hoping for next year that I’ll make the team.

Q. Todd, Gossip & Gab: How has your family and friends been for you through this journey?
A. Lindsay: My friends are really supportive of me and really awesome. They don’t eat cookies or anything in front of me, so that’s awesome on their half. My family is really supporting me. We go out for bike rides or walk our dogs and just getting little exercise and having fun.

Q. Todd, Gossip & Gab: What was it like working with Dolvett as your trainer and having him come visit you?
A. Lindsay: It was really awesome. Not knowing he was going to go to my school. He is a really nice guy. He always talks to me and gives me pointers on what I need to work on. He’s just really supportive.

Q. Todd, Gossip & Gab: Have you kept in touch with him or any of the other contestants that were on the show with you?
A. Lindsay: For now, I’m mostly keeping in touch with Dolvett.

Q. Todd, Gossip & Gab: What was it like going to The Biggest Loser ranch and working with the adult contestants on some of the challenges and cheering them on?
A. Lindsay: It was really awesome. I liked it a lot. They are like my second family. They are supportive. They always help Biingo, Sunny and I. They are like family. We just love them.

Q. Todd, Gossip & Gab: What was favorite part or best part experience of being on The Biggest Loser 2013?
A. Lindsay: My favorite part was doing the challenges with the contestants. We did one challenge and I was like the adults really should listen to the children (laughs). When we are telling them to go this way or that way. I just really love doing challenges with them and working out. They are really supportive and awesome.

Q. Todd, Gossip & Gab: Anything to add?
A. Lindsay: That everyone is really supportive and thank you for supporting me.

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