The Amazing Race 2013 Premiere Live Recap: Season 22 Kicks Off!

With Survivor Caramoan 2013 kicking off earlier this week, that means it is time for The Amazing Race 2013 premiere and CBS to feel complete with two of it’s long-running reality shows to take center stage. Survivor 2013 Caramoan did not do so hot in the ratings for CBS, so will that trend continue for The Amazing Race 2013 Season 22? Let’s hope not, but the previews are making it look like an exciting season on The Amazing Race 22. Watch The Amazing Race 2013 premiere with me and see who was eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 22!

Amazing Race 2013 - Premiere

If you forgot, Josh and Brent won The Amazing Race 2012 and a lot of people were shocked by that news. They were at the back of the pack most of the season and many thought they would be the easy ones to beat with the final four teams remaining. The Twinnies were one of those teams that doubted them and got an even bigger shock when the goat farmers knocked them out to make the final three teams! I loved it when Josh and Brent won it all, but who doesn’t like a good underdog victory?

Tonight’s The Amazing Race 2013 premiere will have a lot of action: eleven new teams meet up in Los Angeles to head out on their first leg, three teams will quit, one team will win the leg and get an Express Pass for themselves and another one to give out to another team. That is huge news and they could control the way The Amazing Race Season 22 plays out.

Things kick off with meeting the teams before they head to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. We get to see our first permed mullet on the show, so watch out for Chuck and Wynona! Who do you feel is an early favorite?

They run to their Ford Fusions and head out on their way to the airport for their first destination. They will be ehading to Bora Bora to start, where two flights are leaving. The first flight only has room for five teams though and they will get an hour head start on the other teams! The competition begins!

Chuck and Wynona are first team there. Pam and Winnie are second, Idries and Jamil are third, David and Connor are fourth and John and Jessica are fifth, so they all get the first flight. The rest will be an hour behind!

Idries and Jamil try to work out the stress of giving it to someone, so if the team that wins will then give it to the second place team and form an early alliance among the five teams.

The first flight lands and we are off. The first Road Block is to jump from a helicopter while the other team member jumps. There are six helicopters with two teams each. The teams rush to get on the list and John and Jamil are first then Connor and Winnie and then Chuck, who will have to wait for the other teams to jump!

John jumps and loves it, but Jamil is nervous but does it for the $1 million prize at the end. John and Jessica get the next clue, which is to head to Eden Beach. Jamil and Idries are right behind them. They get to the next clue and have to find the next clue buried under all these sand castles. They must rebuild the castle if the clue is not there!

The other teams arrive and get on the list for flights, which are Caroline and Anthony on fourth, Matt and Max on fifth and Mona and Meghan. Mona screwed up and signed up on the wrong line, so she put them behind the pack!

While Caroline and Anthony head up to jump, the other teams are dying in the sun trying to find the clues in the sand castles. Caroline is apparently related to Daniel Boone. The teams are sweating and having a hard time rebuilding the castles with the sand. Chuck, with his permed mullet, is amazingly a manager at Walmart!

Jessica finds the first clue and they head out, which they must build a canoe and paddle a mile to the first Pit Stop. Caroline and Jen and Bates and Anthony arrive to the sand castles and Bates and Anthony find a clue right away and they are in second place now!

Jessica and John get across the waters and check in as Team #1 and get the two Express Passes. All the other teams arrive at the sand castles as David finds a clue and Connor and David head out. Bates and Anthony check in. Mona and Beth find a clue for fourth place and then Pam and Winnie find one and then Joey (he is annoying) and Meghan find one for sixth place.

David and Connor check in as Team #3 and hope they will get that Express Pass. Following them are Pam and Winnie in fourth and Mona and Beth in fifth. Joey and Meghan are sixth and Chuck and Wynona are seventh and Jamil and Idries are in eighth.

That leaves us with three teams (Max and Katie, Caroline and Jen and Matthew and Daniel), who have been searching over three hours in the sun and they are all over it! Would you be?

The three teams decide to all take the penalty and make it a foot race to finish the last part of the race! Who will canoe faster on The Amazing Race 22?

Matthew and Daniel get out first, but can’t stay in the canoe and fall further and further behind the other teams. Max and Katie check in ninth and Caroline and Jen check in tenth, but will have four hours added on when they start the next leg of the race.

Daniel and Matthew finish, but are the last team and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race 2013! Did you think they would lose when starting the canoe race?

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