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Shana has always been obsessed with four things: writing, reading, dancing, and television. She made a brief detour into graduate level Mathematics but then decided she'd much rather be a broke professional fangirl than a wealthy math geek...But that's not to say that she isn't a proud geek, nerd, and dork of all flavors. Mmm flavors. She also really loves food.

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  • Fudgefase

    I had thought that Salim had ‘become’ the djinn’ after their night together. I thought I saw his eyes flaming at the end of it. So I was confused when he said he was looking for the djinn.

    • Shana Lieberman

      To be honest, I’m not entirely sure where they were going with the flashing eyes. Maybe it was a temporary thing, only for as long as they were connected? I was under the impression that all we knew for sure was that Salim had taken on the guy’s fake human life. Anything else, though? Your guess is as good as mine.

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