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  • Alrunia

    can’t help but feel disappointed about how much better would this episode have been had it been told with Zoe, the nun, or the runaway handmaid as the focal point characters. perhaps with Luke occasionally showing up in the background to keep us posted on what he’s up to. as it is, in a show ostensibly about the subjugation of women, we got an episode all about a man where all women characters do is be mute or die.

    • Shana Lieberman

      I kind of feel the same way. I didn’t have a problem with Luke as a character, but to suddenly tell things from a male perspective…it was weird. I’m not sure that this was necessarily a BAD episode? But unlike with the previous six, I didn’t have any trouble trying to rank it in my head. It’s definitely the weakest of the seven released to the public so far. There were some great points, but…

      Maaaan, I needed more Zoe. And if we don’t find out more about the mute character, I’m going to light something on fire.

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