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  • Lilly in the South

    Yea…. This felt like the audience was edited out of the loop on the situation. As I’ve said before: It’s not a true blindside when CBS just edits it that way. The only people surprised – apparently – were the audience, the jury, and Siri and Michaela. So weird….

    • Yeah, I mean, Tai’s name was mentioned by Cirie for not allowing him to vote. With two idols in his pocket, he knew what was going on since he did not use them. I just hate it because CBS thinks we are so naive that we don’t catch on to these things. They want drama, but do it in a normal way and not a forced way!

      • Lilly in the South

        Totally agree. There was enough drama last night without creating false impressions. I mean, they left SO much out! How on earth did this result include Brad and Troyzan being in on it?? CBS wanted us to think there was a serious battle of control between Sarah and Cirie. Either Sarah is in complete control or they better take her out. And how did MICHAELA wind up on the short end of the stick?? Why not Cirie?? That edit is completely deceiving on many levels. Makes you wonder exactly what we missed….

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