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I currently live in Louisiana and have worked in marketing and public relations for nine years. I enjoy dance, traveling, TV, talking about TV, and sometimes pretending I'm on TV (just kidding). If you want to chat about a show, hit me up on Twitter at @bridgec17.

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  • homewithmycats

    Craig may be smart but he’s a poser … he wants to do “philanthropy” like that’s an actual career choice. He wants so bad to be like Shep …

  • DJ

    Craig has all the symptoms of ADHD. He is such an adorable guy, but might need some medication to help him focus.

    • charleville

      I agree, but it could be drugs. He’s just a little off, most of the time. I thought he was a goofy for going to Kathryn about Thomas’ behavior with the kids, She couldn’t even see them, what did he think she could do? That was just mean spirited, and unkind. He does that a lot.

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