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I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and Broadcasting with hopes of having my own radio talk show...my dreams can still come true! In the meantime, I work in my pajamas and love anything and everything about reality television (well, except the Kardsahians, but I don't think I am alone on that one). You can find me on here doing recaps, predictions and spoilers and just about everything else!

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  • Lilly in the South

    I am wondering if the double episode means the first one is non-elimination? We’ll see….

    • Yeah, I was thinking one of the episodes would be non-elimination too

      • Lilly in the South

        Very glad to see the non-elimination happen the way it did last night. Not gonna miss Shamir…. And when did Brooke all of a sudden become Miss Woe-is-Me Whiny Whimp?? I felt sorry for her in the metal strainer challenge, but then the whining seemed to continue….!

        • I have no clue! She was that strong lawyer from New York, I thought. Now she just whined and complained all the time! And I felt no sympathy for her, as she just cried and whined and got people to help her. Suck it up and do it yourself, girl!

          • Lilly in the South

            I just recognized that fatigue-induced despair – having experienced that myself many times. But then she didn’t get any better after she succeeded. Plus she knew they were way ahead of Shamir’s time, so she didn’t need to feel quite to desperate!

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