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  • Tony Tan

    Once again Liberal NBC has showed there true colors. Do you want me to believe 4 Gang banger’s come into a fire house and hold hostage firemen and civilians. And than attack them and injure them and that at the end the police is not going to shoot these psycho’s dead especially holding a gun to the chief’s head. Once again politics has come between what was shown on this show. At least two of these Gang Banger’s would of been taken out in real life.

    • I guess I’m not sure what makes that liberal, in your opinion?

    • Tammie Slogeris

      I’m not sure how this storyline can be considered “liberal” in nature. Last I checked, police officers everywhere try to resolve situations without blood shed. Killing people committing these crimes is not the first thing that comes to an officers mind especially when there is a chance of someone innocent (Chief Boden in this situation) being killed in the process. Also, this is a television show, not real life and they are trying to maintain the storyline by not shooting them dead the first chance they get.

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