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I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and Broadcasting with hopes of having my own radio talk show...my dreams can still come true! In the meantime, I work in my pajamas and love anything and everything about reality television (well, except the Kardsahians, but I don't think I am alone on that one). You can find me on here doing recaps, predictions and spoilers and just about everything else!

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  • Tony The Tank

    The show is sinking because they are doing what Idol did and that is staging who will be on the show. Anyone out there who could say that Quizz did justice to Sia’s Titanium is nuts. How in the world are you dancing like Michael Jackson singing this ballad. I wanted Alicia to just sing the song herself since she gave the song some justice with her vocals. So what happens Alysha picks Quizz. What a joke!! And then Blake of all people saves Alicia. A bigger Joke !!! BYE BYE VOICE. By the way Kenny P. and Missy got hosed. The show is called the Voice……..Right!!

    • Yeah, I thought Quizz sounded horrible, but I knew she was going to pick him. All of my picks seemed to lose last night!

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