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  • Lilly in the South

    I can live with that. Still a little aggravated they didn’t show much of English and Stephen. They made it look too easy. Just wish they’d paced it better.

    • Yeah, it seems like they had too many teams for a seven episode season. I definitely would have liked to see more from each of the teams and not just come and go in one night! Maybe if they get renewed it would be expanded to more episodes, which would help. English & Stephen did impress me with the deflection tonight, but it makes me wonder how they made it so long with never being shown, like what did you do to avoid them the whole time!

      • Lilly in the South

        Exactly! And those girls who went camping. We barely saw them, but they lasted two weeks. I guess we only saw the “close calls.” Plus didn’t it bother you, too, that there was obviously a camera man at everyone’s hips? When you stop to think about it, that’s no small thing to hide, especially in these “close calls.” Also, did it bug you that the hunters were given the location of the people when they logged in AND when they picked up the money? And they had to go ON FOOT to the planes. The log-in was especially not fair because they still had to stay hidden for two days after that. I really thought the wolves weren’t going to win, and I was prepared to be ticked off that only the couple won. But overall, a fascinating program. Hope it comes back.

        • I never thought of that! If they are being recorded while hiding in some bush, but the cameras are there. Very true and so easy to be found then. I didn’t like the cameras being there for when they tried to stay with people or ask for help. Of course they will help with the cameras around, but would you really if it was just some random coming to your door?

          I am okay with the login and being notified of that, as it gives their last location and then they had to get out of there. Command Center had no clue of where they were headed from there, but an idea of where they were. I don’t like the bank notification though, especially since they could only walk to the plane (or run). However many miles away it was (at least 2 or 3 for Lee & Hilmar), which is plenty of time to catch someone in a vehicle.

          Overall, a show that kept me intrigued, but they would have to make some changes if it comes back. It’s the first season though, so I can take the issues for now lol

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