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  • Lilly in the South

    So what do you think? (a) I hope there is a winner after this whole season, and (b) I hope it’s NOT the couple who were introduced so late in the show. They spent so much time covering Emilie and David. Also, the two girls who got caught at Taco Bell and the couple who lived in the woods actually made it 2 weeks, but they wrapped them up quickly on the show. Just seems like the show editing is weird.

    • I think Lee & Hilmar will win. From the previews above, it looks like Aarif & Immad might be screwed! I think English & Stephen are pointless and just there for another team and will get caught tonight.

      The editing is terrible! I know they have a lot of hours to work through, but they make it seem like one thing happened and then the Hunters/Command Center are following up on that right away, like English & Stephen are at a friend of a friend’s house. So, the Command Center just starts miraculously searching for any of their college friends? It may have taken hours to get there, but the edit makes it look set up and fake.

      • Lilly in the South

        I know the timeline thing is a challenge, but I do wish they had made it more coordinated. Those two young girls made it two weeks before celebrating at Taco Bell. But we didn’t see much of them, and certainly not half the season. Same with the couple in the woods. They made it over two weeks.
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