Dallas 2013 Season 2 Episode 3 Sneak Peek: Sins of the Father (VIDEO)

Last week Dallas 2013, Dallas season 2 hit the ground running.  The Dallas TV show wasted no time picking up where season 1 left off.  Rebecca Sutter’s real identity as Pamela Barnes was revealed to Christopher.  As the daughter of Cliff Barnes, Ewing family enemy, she is now an even bigger threat.


Pamela plans on taking part of Ewing Energies in her divorce with Christopher Ewing.  Christopher tried to get an annulment by relying on Tommy Sutter’s real sister Rebecca to plead his case in court.  However, Pamela got to Rebecca before she went to court.  After Pamela paid her off, Rebecca turned against Christopher and he was denied an annulment.

John Ross and Pamela are now working together to take down Ewing Energies, even though Christopher still believes him and John Ross are working together, despite the fact they are not on the best of terms.  Christopher is back with his ex-fiancé, Elena Ramos, who also happens to be John Ross’s ex-girlfriend.  John Ross is holding a grudge and conniving with Pamela to get Ewing Energies to himself.  It is still unclear what John Ross’s father JR Ewing plans on doing, but one thing for sure; he is probably up to no good.

The Dallas TV show drama didn’t end there.  The 2-hour premiere of Dallas on TNT had plenty of surprises.   Bobby Ewing’s wife Annie found her daughter who was kidnapped over 20 years ago.  Her reappearance was no coincidence.  Annie ex-husband Harris Ryland stole their daughter and had his mother raise her abroad without ever telling Annie.  He has made Annie out to be a bad person in their daughter’s eyes.  Annie was crushed and shocked by this knowledge and by the coldness of her long lost daughter.

In the new Dallas episode Christopher is not backing down from Pamela.  Pamela wants Ewing Energies and he plans on pinning Tommy’s death on her.  If he can get her for Tommy’s murder he won’t have to worry about her taking Ewing Energies or his twin children she is pregnant with.  On top of all of this drama more double dealing and scheming will occur with John Ross and JR.  Catch tonight’s recap of  Dallas 2013 right here on GossipandGab.com. Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, TV recaps and more!

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