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  • Joy D’Angelo

    Thank you! I really enjoy the issues Scandal brings up. I agree Hollis is probably too easy, but Sally would seem very out of character. In her own way she is more like Fitz. However, the people around her are another story. I can’t remember if he’s still around or not, but the who got the sex audio tape of Olivia & Fritz would be a good candidate. He was a real zealot and was very angry when Sally took the VP position.

    I think Cyrus has too much to lose. Cyrus’s boyfriend though has a lot to lose with Fitz alive…. I thought of him because he knows about the vote rigging and knows if it comes out it will completely upset everything. Cyrus could goto jail. Even if he didn’t goto jail, once the boyfriend’s involvement was known it would destroy the relationship with Cyrus. He would justify it as punishment for the president defrauding the American public – because he does NOT know Fitz has no idea was done. He might have thought no president, no investigation. Plus, with no Fitz he gets more of hubby at home with the baby – his ideal life. Granted, that seems like more of a wildcard idea. I think someone who worked on Sally’s campaign would make more sense…. It’s all Scandalous though! LOL!

  • Zen

    A spot on review. I love the thing you said about moral dilemmas; so, very, true. Well, I don’t think Hollis Doyle had a separate account; that would leave little room for more twists and turns with regards to the “assassination attempt” storyline. Cyrus maybe? Something about him isn’t quite right. If not him, I would put my money on Sally. She gave up way to easy, she might have something else up her sleeve.

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