Who Was Eliminated On Top Chef 2013 Season 10 Last Night?

Even though we did do a Live Recap last night of Top Chef 2013 Season 10, we know some of you may have gone to bed early and missed who was eliminated on Top Chef Seattle. We were down to the Top 5 on Top Chef Season 10 and the cheftestants left Seattle behind and got a cruise ship headed to Alaska. While they enjoyed some down time, it was all about the competition and someone had to go home on Top Chef 2013 Season 10!

Top Chef - Season 10

The Elimination Challenge was all about re-imagining a Surf & Turf dish to serve to the guests on the cruise ship. Stefan and Sheldon both struggled with making something that was cohesive and inventive. The Top Chef judges pegged them for the bottom two and one of them had to go home and would not be making the trip to Alaska.

Sheldon has been winning more and more challenges the past few weeks and I think the judges recognized that, so they saved him and sent Stefan home on Top Chef Seattle! That means none of the returning chefs on Top Chef Season 10 (Josie, CJ and Stefan) will make the finale, unless Stefan comes back from Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen!

Do you like the results on Top Chef Seattle last night?

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