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  • cantbelieveiwatchthissh*t

    Discounting Cathy’s overtly alt-rightedness I kinda sorta liked parts of this one.

    I liked them going back to Pittsburgh.. The old practice studio and Abby’s Pac-Man looking footstool thingy was still there!..the inbetween dressing/warm up room (what was up with all that paint splatter on the walls though) The Dance Mom Aquarium at the top of the practice studio with Holly in her old spot on the bleachers..sigh. Almost like old times.

    Something I find ironic and questionably suspicious tho……. How convenient that the person who took over renting Abby’s Pittsburgh digs just happened to be named Apollonia Leake and kept the Dance Company in the name………… A. L.D. C. .. just sayin.

    I would almost call BS on the coincidence as Lifetime Channel production “magic” but I looked it up and it’s evidently real.. there’s a site and everything.

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