Top Chef 2013 Season 10 Live Recap: Episode 12 – Wolfgang Cluck

It was a shocking elimination last week on Top Chef 2013 Season 10 as Kristen lost Restaurant Wars and was sent home way too early on Top Chef Seattle. Despite the shock and anger among viewers, Top Chef Season 10 will continue on until we know who wins Top Chef Seattle. It is all about fried chicken tonight for the cheftestants, but will someone break under all the pressure? Find out during my Top Chef 2013 Season 10 Live Recap and we can find out who was eliminated on Top Chef Seattle.

Top Chef - Season 10

Last week Kristen lost Restaurant Wars and having been the team leader, she took the blame for everything and let Josie throw her under the bus. Because she was the team leader, the Top Chef judges decided she should be the one going home and eliminated her. Tonight it is all about sushi in the Quickfire Challenge, but a new twist for the chefs is there is no longer any immunity for the winner. Everyone is in danger of going home on Top Chef 2013 Season 10, so the pressure will be extra high tonight when they are cooking up fried chicken to impress the judges, which includes both Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasee. 

It may have been bad news for Kristen, but Sheldon is happy about it and happy with his new car. Josie is emotional and feeling guilty over her actions the night before, but she says she is not here to lose. What do you all think about it?

The chefs head to Top Chef Kitchen and they meet Padma Lakshmi and Katsuya Uechi, who happens to be a master Sushi Chef. For the Quickfire Challenge, they will have to create a sushi dish that impress the sushi master! There will be no immunity, but the winner will get $5,000. Josh is feeling worried because he has never made sushi before. Everyone thinks Sheldon will do well, but he doesn’t make sushi much. Josie has naked sushi parties, which is TMI for me!

The time runs out and Padma and Katsuya go around to taste the dishes. Katsuya thinks Stefan’s dish tastes good. He wanted more punch in Josie’s sushi. He thought Brooke’s was good and the bacon was oily for Josh. In the end, Chef Katsuya was impressed. He did not like the sushi from Lizzie and Josh. The best dishes were from Brooke and Stefan. The winner of the Quickfire Challenge and $5,000 is Stefan.

For the Elimination Challenge, Padma is joined by Chef David Chang and head judge Tom Colicchio. For the challenge, Tom is having some guests over to his house and the chefs will be cooking….fried chicken! They will each have to create a fried chicken dish for the dinner party, which will take place tonight! The winning chef will win a year’s supply of Terlato Wine, which Stefan thinks will last him 3 months!

Both Josh and Josie are feeling confident with their friend chicken cooking ability, but Josh questions her ability to do it. Brooke is trying to make a healthier version of it and she is worried about this challenge. The chefs arrive at Tom’s house and have one hour to cook for the amazing chefs that he will be entertaining tonight, which happen to be David Chang, Michelle Bernstein, Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo, Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck.

The judges all arrive and start drinking the wine, which might loosen them up. Tom suggests Wolfgang open a chain of friend chicken restaurants and call them “Wolfgang Cluck.” Brooke is running behind and can’t fry her skins, so she is left with the best part not on her chicken!

Lizzie is not making a classic fried chicken, so she is worried about that. One of Josie’s fryers is out and she is running behind on the frying, but is anyone surprised? Michelle Bernstein was the guest judge before when Josie was sent home, so could it be a repeat?

The chefs bring out their dishes to the judges and present them to the judges. For Lizzie, Vinny thought it was really good. Tom said she doesn’t understand fried chicken. For Josie, Jon said they would run her out of the South. Michele said she had to put it down and Jon said it wasn’t even spicy. For Sheldon, Emeril said he loved it. Tom said it was great and David was upset Sheldon did not have enough to serve everyone.

The next group comes out and Jon and Vinny applied for a job with Brooke before and she didn’t hire them, so she is screwed! For Brooke, Wolfgang said he wouldn’t even call the show The Apprentice. Tom said it was dried out and Jon said he is glad he didn’t take the job. For Josh, Michelle said it is wonderful. Tom said it was a great idea, but not that crispy. For Stefan, Emeril said he has the blues. Vinny said that he should come out with something bigger with his second chance.

The judges discuss the dishes and have some good times. Did Wolfgang Puck has a little too much to drink at dinner??? The chefs head home and Judges’ Table will happen the next morning on Top Chef Seattle and Brooke is worried. Who do you think will go home on Top Chef 2013 Season 10?

The judges call in Josh, Sheldon and Lizzie, which happened to show the best fried chicken dishes of the party. They wanted more of Sheldon’s chicken and Wolfgang thought Top Chef Seattle didn’t have enough money to give him more chicken. The winner of this challenge is Josh!

That leaves Brooke, Josie and Stefan as the bottom three dishes of the night and they go in front of the judges. Brooke tells them it was the worst challenge for her and they don’t understand why she took the chicken off the bone. Josie said she ran out of time, which Tom is not having a part of and said she is wasting time. Tom tells Stefan that he tried to do something different, but good enough to get past. Stefan says he doesn’t know how to make friend chicken. They leave and Padma says that Stefan is such a bullshitter!

The judges discuss and I am not sure who is going home. It could be Stefan, but then I want Josie gone. I think Brooke is safe. What do you think? Well, it happened again and Josie was eliminated when Michelle Bernstein was a guest judge. She felt confident on her friend chicken, but the judges weren’t and she was eliminated on Top Chef 2013 Season 10!

On Last Chance Kitchen, it will be a battle of revenge for Kristen. She beat CJ and now will go up against the person who took her out of Top Chef Seattle. Who do you think will win that showdown?

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  1. I was afraid Brooke was going to be sent on home on this past episode of Top Chef; I’m glad the judges didn’t make another bad decision by sending a talented chef home early. This season has been a roller-coaster ride, but it is my favorite thing to watch. Unfortunately, most Wednesday nights are a battle for the television in my home, since my boyfriend has his favorite shows that air the same night as mine.

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