American Idol 2013 Live Recap: American Idol Charlotte Auditions (VIDEO)

Who out there is ready to see the official video of the Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey fight during the American Idol auditions 2013? It all went down in Charlotte and tonight the new American Idol judges 2013, along with Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson and other new judge Keith Urban, take the bus to Charlotte in hopes of finding the next winner of American Idol Season 12. The drama will be over-hyped by FOX, so prepare for two hours of talking about the fight until we finally see it at the very end probably. Find out how it all goes down during my American Idol 2013 Live Recap and let’s find out together who made American Idol Season 12 Hollywood Week!


Not only has American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino come from North Carolina, but Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken and Season 5’s Chris Daughtry and Kellie Pickler all come from the state. So, why has American Idol never held auditions in Charlotte before? We may have some strong talent tonight during the auditions, so stay tuned for that! You can find out how it all went down during my American Idol 2013 Live Recap and see who makes it to Hollywood Week with that Golden Ticket on American Idol Season 12!


The following post contains American Idol 2013 spoilers and videos for the American Idol Season 12 Charlotte auditions. Please stop reading if you do not want to know what happened!


Here we go….and Ryan Seacrest is driving a race car. It is going to be a long two hours. We start right with the argument? Scotty McCreery came from North Carolina too! Naomi Morris is first up and she is some fashion diva and has her boobs popping out, but she sings like crap and even with a second shot! It is a no from the judges.

Joel Nemoyer goes with the laying down and singing combination, but it fails and the judges are not fans and send him home. Also, Nicki Minaj is giving everyone a nickname. Why is that?

Brian Rittenberry looks like he cannot sing and his wife is in love with Keith Urban, but he sings and surprises me. His wife sends him to the basement to sing, but she should listen to him more. The judges are shocked as well and send him to Hollywood.

Keith is getting a lot of love in Charlotte, as Jimmy Smith said he was inspired to sing by him. Of course he sings country and Nicki said it was poppin’. The judges give him the Golden Ticket.

The judges give out three quick Golden Tickets, but then they are famished and take some time for lunch. Anyone else feel the weirdness of the editing and music tonight on American Idol 2013?

He may think he sounds like Brad Paisley, but Matthew Muse does not sound like him and needs to stick to karaoke. He sucks it up and the judges send him home.

Another one of the people that Randy went out to bring to the auditions, as Isabel Gonzalez was nominated by her aunt because she was too nervous to do it on her own. She has a weird tone to her voice, but I love it. Nicki is head-over-heels in love with her and Isabel gets the Golden Ticket!

Time for a black rocker, as Taisha Bethea takes the stage and sings a Johnny Cash song and then comes back with an Alanis Morissette song. The judges are split on her, but Keith holds the deciding vote and he sends her to Hollywood.

After a look at the judges bickering and being split on people for a couple of hours and tensions riding high, we get the audition that sent Nicki over the edge. Summer Cunningham comes in and Nicki loves her tone, but then the other judges get into a discussion about country music. I do agree with Nicki and it is about her voice and the girl can sing and Randy and Mariah were picking her apart over the country music thing. They send Summer to Hollywood, but then Randy makes a comment about being in the business for 30 years, so Nicki said that is right and shouldn’t be on the panel because she can’t help her and walks out…but the drama will continue!

Day 1 is over and that was the fight? It seemed between Randy and Nicki, not Mariah and Nicki right?

Brandy Hamilton is the first audition of Day 2 in Charlotte and the judges seem to be getting along fine, so has the drama passed? And isn’t this about the singers and not the judges? Mariah said she lights up the room and the judges give her a Golden Ticket.

American Idol likes to mess with us and show us Ashley Smith, who looks like a hot mess and a little crazy, but then she comes out singing Carrie Underwood and has a great voice. The judges were shocked just like us and they want to see more and send her to Hollywood.

Randy Jackson compares Janelle Arthur to a young LeAnn Rimes and the other judges all love her, so she is going to Hollywood.

Rodney Barber is paying it forward in Charlotte and he captivated the judges, so they send him to Hollywood. He was once homeless and now helps them out, but he’ll be taking some time off for American Idol Season 12. Keith heads out!

Candice Glover was cut in Vegas last year, but now she is back and knows who she wants to be as a singer. She said people say she reminds them of Joshua Ledet from last season, so I am rooting for her to not make it…he bothered me so much last year! The judges said she is the best audition so far this season, so of course she moves on to Hollywood.

We have a frog killer on our hands, as Ja’Bria Barber makes her way in front of the judges. She likes to hunt frogs and cook up the legs, which apparently grosses out the judges. She can sing though, so she gets her Golden Ticket.

Brad Harris used to rap under the name of “Bacon,” which gets Nicki off on a tangent of bacon. He sings and it is horrendous and of course he is sent home.

Seretha Guinn has had a bad year, as her boyfriend was in a tragic accident and fought for his life, but is doing better now. She brings in her adorable daughter, who happens to be best friends with Nicki Minaj and Nicki doesn’t know it yet. She sings and bring Nicki to tears, so they send her to Hollywood!

The judges are done in Charlotte and they sent 37 singers on to Hollywood, but which one was your favorite?

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  1. I am dissapointed with your 2 female judges. I am a faithful fan and have enjoyed your program for years, but I am having second thoughts. I tune in to see the contestants not 2 women fighting. It is not even entertainment because everyone is arguing at the same time.

    • I to don’t know if I will stay afaithful fan of A I The blond person should stay home the show would be back to the singers not having to compeat with the judges. Why don’t they just get at and then get kicked off the show and be done with it. Or maybe get a new director and producerthat might work to.

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