The Taste 2013 Premiere Live Recap: One Spoon, One Taste Cooking Show

One spoon and one taste is all the contestants on The Taste 2013 have to impress The Taste judges Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Brian Malarkey. It is the newest of cooking competition shows on TV and ABC is hoping it pans out and bring some life to their Tuesday night lineup. With The Bachelor 2013 and Castle helping them win Monday nights, can The Taste 2013 bring home another victory for ABC? Find out during my The Taste 2013 Premiere Live Recap.


Here is how it works on The Taste on ABC: the contestants will be both professional and amateur chefs and have one chance to impress the judges. They will create their winning dishes, but they will put them on one spoon. The judges will each taste their spoon and decide if the chefs will move on or not. The twist is everything is done blindly, with the judges not seeing who prepared the dish or how they did it until after they taste.

Tonight starts the casting calls and auditions that were held for The Taste 2013. In the end, each judge will have a team of four chefs that will compete in challenges and elimination rounds before we find out who made the best tasting dish on The Taste 2013. Find out how it all goes down during my The Taste 2013 Premiere Live Recap and find out who made it on The Taste on ABC.

Do you know any of these judges besides Anthony Bourdain?

First up is Adam Kaswiner and he is from Vegas and creates food fore awesomeness…really? Brian said it was a roller coaster to nowhere and he votes no and the other judges all join him and Adam heads home!

Sixty minutes for a food blogger to try and impress the judges. Sarah Schiear sears some scallops and for a homecook that is a mighty task to take on. Brian said the scallop was cooked perfectly. Nigella and Anthony are out, but Sarah has to choose between Ludo and Brian. She goes Team Ludo on The Taste 2013!

So, we get all this information on the judges because no one knows who they are. Should they even be on the show since no one knows who they are?

Kyle Schutte: Executive Chef in L.A. Anthony said it is a very creative dish. Ludo made a mistake and hit his no button. Nigella hopes she doesn’t lay awake tonight and wonder what she has done when she hit the no button. Out of Brian’s comfort zone and he said no. Anthony missed the vote and all the judges said no, so Kyle is going home.

Khristianne Uy: private chef and I don’t know if it is a guy or a girl. Do you all know? They are a private chef for Charlie Sheen. The judges every time seem to love the dish, but say no. Why is that? Brian said yes, so Khristianne is on Team Brian.

Jeanette Friedman: Journalist and wants to be on Anthony’s team. Everyone gives positive reviews to the contestant and then vote no. I am so over it!

Todd: he wants Anthony Bourdain to vote for him. The judges are all upset over saying no, so why did they? Ludo babbled a lot and I have no clue what he said.

Renatta Lindsey: she is annoying and a homecook and has a laugh that makes me want to slap her. We finally have a yes, as Nigella can’t wait to have her in her kitchen because she loves comfort food.

The judges all hate the dish Marcus made and he hates rejection and thinks it is a kick in the crotch, so he said to watch out Chicago!

A quick look at four homecooks and they all get shot down, so I don’t know why they even showed them. None were interesting and it wasted my time.

Mia Morgenstern: she went to Harvard and uses big words, but here she is trying out for The Taste. The judges were impressed, but only Anthony voted for her and she joins Team Anthony, who she happens to have a crush on.

More to come…

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  1. Renatta’s food had a hair in it. If you freeze while the display spoon is rotating you can see it. Nasty!

  2. Nosgoth1979 says:

    Having your abilities judged on the contents of one spoonful would be nerve-racking. I don’t know any of the judges, which is part of why I hadn’t planned on watching. But this morning one of my coworkers told me it was actually rather good, and it seems like they’ve chosen an interesting structure.

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