The Biggest Loser 2013 Season 14 Recap: Episode 4 Spoilers – Surprise Visits!

When the cat’s away, the mice will play, but will that hold true for the contestants on The Biggest Loser 2013 Season 14? The trainers (Dolvett Quince, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels) will be heading out for surprise home visits to the child contestants, so the adult contestants are left to workout on their own on The Biggest Loser 2013. Will they stay strong or will they get lazy knowing Jillian Michaels is not in their face yelling at them? Find out tonight during my The Biggest Loser 2013 Season 14 Recap and see who was eliminated on The Biggest Loser 2013!

The Biggest Loser - Season 14

Last week on The Biggest Loser 2013, despite being stuck in a room full of junk food and video games for 4 1/2 hours a day, the Blue Team rose to the challenge and didn’t lose the weigh-in. After two straight victories, the Red Team had their first loss and became the first team to have to vote someone off The Biggest Loser Season 14. Despite being the heaviest on his team and losing low amounts the past two weeks, the Red Team decided to save Jackson and voted Cate off The Biggest Loser 2013.

Tonight is an episode I don’t quite understand yet. The contestants can barely exercise and are puking all over the place, but they are set to run a 5K tonight? How is that even possible? I guess we can find out during my The Biggest Loser 2013 Season 14 Recap and see who was voted off The Biggest Loser 2013!

Alison Sweeney comes in with the trainers to surprise the contestants and shocks them that the trainers are leaving for the week to visit the kids and they will be training alone all week. Will they make it?

Bob tells his team that each member must be a leader one day while he is gone. Jackson is worried about doing it without a trainer, but he said he is going to push past it. Jillian wants her team to do five miles every day! The trainers then head out to visit the kids. The kids are all shocked, but how are they doing?

Biingo’s Mom has lost 27 pounds, which is awesome! They have kept the junk food out of the fridge, so Bob is happy with them. They have made some very good changes and I am happy for Biingo. That kid is a good kid with a good family!

Meanwhile on the ranch, the Red Team misses Dolvett and wish he was there to help them workout this week and explain why they had low losses for the team. Pam and Danni are working together well and Danni is pushing them like Jillian would be. Jackson takes over for the Red Team, so maybe he will have a good weigh-in?

Sunny meets with Jillian and discovers that she is feeling pressured from her family to be a doctor and be perfect, so she keeps the weight on to cover up the fact they are doing something she doesn’t want. She won’t lose until she does what she wants, but can she tell her parents that?

Dolvett meets with Lindsay and her mom and sister, who have been working out with her, so Dolvett is happy. She was bullied about her weight and quit the cheerleading squad in middle school. Dolvett brings in the high school squad and they cheer her on and she gets to cheer with them, so it was cute to see. All fake for the camera though?

The challenge tonight will have the teams running a 5K, which none of them can do. The winning team gets $15,000, second place gets $5,000 and third place gets $2,500 for their team. The teams head out and Danni is kicking some major butt out there and is strong. Do you think she could win The Biggest Loser 2013? Alex gets a blister on her foot, so she is not feeling good right now.

Jackson has trouble breathing, but the doctors help him get it under control and he goes back to running. Danni finishes first with Joe behind her. Pam comes in third, so it looks like a win for them! Jillian pushing them does help! Francelina fourth, Lisa is fifth, Jackson is sixth, Gina is seventh, Jeff is eighth, Mike is ninth and Alex is tenth. White Team wins and $15,000 for Danni and Pam!

Jillian takes Sunny out rowing and Jillian struggles with it, but it is fun to see. Sunny had a great time and loved working with the team and doing something different. They go home and talk with Sunny’s mom. Her mother said she loves her no matter what and whatever path she chooses, so Sunny is on the right path now.

Biingo heads to the ballpark with Bob and they take the field with a minor leaguer and it gets the motivation back within Biingo. It was fun to see and I love Biingo and his personality.

The trainers are back at the ranch and Dolvett is happy with Jackson taking the leading role, Jillian is proud of Pam for the 5K and Bob thinks his team is in danger and slacked without him.

It is Last Chance Workout and Bob is killing his team because he thinks they are way behind. The White Team works out with the Blue Team. Dolvett is surprised when Joe is wanting to stop and Jackson is going strong.

Bob and Jillian are working their teams hard. Jeff wanted to work with Bob, but is stuck with Jillian and he isn’t having it. They get into it and he gives her attitude and she isn’t having it and sends him back to Bob on The Biggest Loser 2013.

Time for the weigh-in and Blue Team is first: Michael lost 12 pounds, David lost 9 pounds, Alex lost 4 pounds, Gina lost 9 pounds and Jeff lost 6 pounds. That brings their totals to 40 pounds and 2.75%.

For the Red Team: Joe lost 7 pounds, Francelina lost 6 pounds, Lisa lost 9 pounds and Jackson lost 12 pounds. For the team, they lost 34 pounds and 3.16%, so they are safe this week.

The White Team is last: Danni lost 6 pounds and Pam lost 3 pounds. That means they lost 9 pounds total and 2.05%, so they lost. Pam is the lowest weight loss percentage and she is going home, since they have only two people. I loved Pam and am said she was eliminated on The Biggest Loser 2013!

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  1. This season is phony from the start. So you really believe the contestants were surprised when their names were called?! They had to have notified their employer, made all sorts of arrangements to be away, etc. plus Jillian seems more of a bully than in the past but she seems to have gotten past her anorexic eating look. Also, has anyone noticed the kids do NOT look like they have lost an ounce? Shows how hard it is when you are in the real world and why so many from e show gain a lot of their weight back when they of home.

  2. Blake Hawk says:

    I liked the 5k run that they did in this episode and It’s going to be fun to see what they do next week since the white team is down to one member.

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