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  • chevjuls

    Congratulation Jordan and Jeff, Lawson is handsome can’t wait to see him and and Adora on their first date when they are 18.

  • Joyce

    Congratulations!! Jeff and Jordon! On your beautiful bundle of joy. All the best….. love the name Lawson.

    • Mary

      I’m not crazy about the name but sure is one cutie pie.

      • Joyce

        I think its a nice strong name, a name he can easily grow into. Such a refreshing difference from your usual “Celebrity Baby Name” such as Bear, Blue, Apple, Pilot Inspektor, Rogue…. I could go on. Yes, it sure is a cute baby 🙂

        • Mary

          I hate all those celebrity baby names Apple etc but this one just doesn’t sound good to me either. Maybe in time it’ll grow on me.

  • Mary

    Thanks Todd, I hadn’t seen this. I’m very happy for them 🙂

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