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  • blklips4lp

    It’s obvious this Drag Race is Alaska’s to lose. However, its unfortunate that the judges feel they have to lend an unnecessary hand. The judges consistently critique those who fall to the bottom two position harder than the rest. However, this week they felt the need to look the other way when certain queens get criticism (i.e. the comment on Alaska’s hair stands out). Also, the challenge was to create a product that will go to their brand which of course could be financially beneficial long after this season is over. Some of the queens missed this memo, Roxxy Andrews did not, took the guest celebrity’s advice and marketed the DVD not the glue, did a solid job on the commercial, and she still ended up on the chopping block (because she used the same joke twice? Is this a marketing ad or comic ad?) This week the judges got a Failing grade, some girls should not have been in the bottom or the top. How else do you explain why Roxxy has to explain what makes her glue so special and Alaska doesn’t have to explain what makes her tape special? Need further convincing? Who (or what Queen) is going to buy a talking trash can at RuPaul’s expo? Really sorry Tatianna the odds were stacked against you this week. Did Alaska win the lip sync…yeah, but she shouldn’t have been in the top two this week to begin with. Just my humble opinion from a brother in DC who actually likes the show, format, host, concept, growth, grammy, positivity, and opportunities.

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