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  • JO1

    I was traveling all last week on business. Missed the finale, but watched it yesterday. I am seriously disappointed that Paul took Ratty and she won! UGHHH! He should have taken James and he probably would have won.
    Survivor was good, can’t wait to see more. have to root for my Gen……X!!!! Go old folks LOL

  • BigBrotherCat

    Vic winning AFP was the only good thing to happen last night. Well deserved.

    • Mary

      I could not agree more! Good morning Cat 🙂

      • BigBrotherCat

        Good morning Mary. Last night i dreamed i was competing against James on BB. No one else. Just James. It was a weird dream for a disappointing night.

        • Mary

          That wasn’t a dream it was a nightmare. Sorry, I didn’t like him at all this year. Besides doing nothing, he just looked scuzzy to me, like he hadn’t showered in days and his stupid hat that shoved his hair way down to his eyes YUK!

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