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  • BigBrotherCat

    I’d put Natalie at #5 and James at #6. She is slightly less clueless than him. SHE was the one that realized the target was her and not James. She’s told him time and time again how the lay of the land is but he shot her down because he’s “been there, done that” so he supposedly knows more. He’s been proven wrong every time. I’m so disappointed in James.

  • Lilly in the South

    Don’t forget, now, that the genius Space Cadet may have SAID “one billion,” but he WROTE 1,000,000 – which is one million. Just had to point that out.

    I might rank Ratty higher, as she seems to be master-manipulating everyone the last two weeks. She’s not only getting what she wants, NO ONE suspects what a rat she is. But who can really argue with your rankings. This next week will show whether Pictor of Nicorey are truly in power. Because I honestly don’t believe either side will vote out the other half of Jatalie who is still left. Everyone knows (well … except James) Ratty is almost as much a threat to the end game as Paul and Victor.

    • I went back and looked and he did write 1,000,000,000. Have to give the Space Cadet credit when he finally shows one brain cell.

      • Lilly in the South

        Seriously? I’ll have to trust you on that because I can’t go back. But I really thought I saw it correctly and pointed it out to my husband at the time. Thanks!

        • I thought he had a lot of zeroes there and had it right, so I had to check. I have seriously counted them a few times and thought what a billion is because I think I am wrong lol. Here is a photo of it.

          • Lilly in the South

            You were right, of course. Thanks!

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