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Anam Ahmad

Anam is a self proclaimed TV nerd who loves all things TV. She's a DC local and advocates for children in need whenever she can. Her favorite way to unwind after a day of activism is with an episode or two of one of her many favorite shows and a live tweet session.

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  • al marks

    Totally agree with #s 1-4, nothing I’ve ever watched on series TV compares, in my mind, with the writing, directing and acting in the first 5 3/4 seasons of CASTLE. With S6E20, THAT 70s SHOW, the wheels started to come off. I don’t know why but everything about the series became very slipshod as if no one cared what was turned out as long as they got paid. I KNOW that wasn’t the case but I’ve got no other explanation for the rest of season 6 ending in the disaster that was S6E23. NOTHING in S7-8 is even worthy of including with the rest of the series. As much as I appreciate the work that Andrew Marlowe put into the show, I’ll never forgive him for allowing Season 6 to end as it did. I will never understand the reasoning behind it.

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