The Biggest Loser 2013: Season 14 Premiere Preview – Meet The Cast

Doesn’t it seem like forever since The Biggest Loser has been on TV? I could not be any happier as The Biggest Loser Season 14 is set to premiere tomorrow on NBC and it is all about childhood obesity this season, as the trainers will be tackling an issue getting worse and worse in America. The Biggest Loser: Challenge America will see the return of trainer Jillian Michaels, along with Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince. For the first time on The Biggest Loser 2013, we will have three kids taking place in the weight-loss competition.

The Biggest Loser - Season 14

The 15 contestants on The Biggest Loser Season 14 will be broken up into three teams of five. On each team will be one of the child contestants, however they will not participate in the weigh-ins or eliminations and will not live in the house with the adult competitors. The kids will serve more as cheerleaders for the teams, but at the same time learning to live a healthier lifestyle. I think it is a great idea and am excited to see the kids getting involved on The Biggest Loser 2013.

As far as the rest of the cast who will be fighting for that $250,000 prize, we seem to have a smaller cast this season. Of the 15 competitors, only one of them will start the weigh-in process over 400 pounds. Is America getting healthier? Not by any means, but it will be interesting to see how the contestants do with a little less weight to lose. We will also have the first openly gay contestant on The Biggest Loser Season 14. Don’t miss the two-night premiere of The Biggest Loser 2013 on January 6 and 7 on NBC.

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  1. Beth Mellendorf says:

    I hate the way Julian is allowed to yell and swear at the contestants. I am ready to turn the channel! I really like Bob and Dolvet.
    The show is fun to watch.

    • Totally agree with Beth M. Since last night I have lost interest in the show, we don’t need a lot of bad, over acting……can’t really see being a bully helping anyone……maybe that’s why Bob is so good at what he does, because of his technique and how he treats people

  2. I does feel like it has been a long time since this show has been on, and now is a perfect time for it to come back because I was just starting to slip on my new year’s resolution to lose some weight. I am glad that they are confronting the issue of childhood obesity, but I hope they are not too hard on the kids. I was talking to a coworker who thinks that having children on the show is a bad idea, but I am sure they are going to take special precautions with them.

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