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    huge Tate Stevens fan I am very pleased to see he won!!!!!!

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    Also I think these rules where you can vote as many times as you like I’d biased. People with nothing better to do but vote vote vote, even on an app I hear. I vote per ISP address or phone number and Carly would of breezed in.
    X-factor should be based on the possibilities of bringing something new to the industry. Country? They all sound the same and to pull that cowboy hat down on Tate so hard it reaches his toes

    Andrew NZ

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    Tate has a lot of talent, I’m not denying that, but I really think Carly should have won. Good for Tate though, and it’s not like Carly doesn’t have a brilliant career ahead of her no matter what. Although that episode started out fairly rough, it was a great way to end the season.

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    I agree, I think Leanne looked lie she was rinsed out on meth, Carly out classed her and I was right, red necks won by a nose. Carly shall prevail with overwhelming talent and youth. Good on you Carly. Even tough I’m not American, your age group or even live in your own country, (live in NZ) am so proud of you young lady.


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    What a shame Spears chose Rimes to perform the duet with Carly! A very poor choice that will be remembered by many viewers as the derailing of that amazing child.

    1. 1.1


      Poppycock. Carly stands alone as an amazing voice and beauty in and out. Britney showed me she is lovable and caring mentor. Congratulations to you :) xx

      1. 1.1.1


        Sorry but I think you missed the point. I am not denying that Carly has an amazing voice, poise and beauty! I am also not questioning Spears’ regard and concern for her contestants. What I am questioning is her poor judgement in choosing an obviously unstable duet partner. These programmes are carefully rehearsed and stage managed. Rimes would have rehearsed with Carly before the show went to air. The woman was clearly on another planet and if Spears, Cowell and the directors had the power to make some last minute changes, it could have been done.



          Carly should have taken first. Although Tate has a good country voice there is nothing unique about it. As a matter of a fact imo he doesn’t sound any different than a few other established artists. Maybe now that he’s won he’ll stop whining about how he’s gonna get by the poor thing. My vote didn’t count of course being a Canadian but my money will go to Carly’s music.


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