The X Factor Season 2 Finale: Who Won X Factor USA 2012!

Who won The X Factor 2012 season 2 will finally be revealed at the end of a celebrity-fueled two-hour finale tonight. While most fan sites are predicting either Carly Rose Sonenclar or country Tate Stevens as The X Factor season 2 winner, diehard fans of group act Fifth Harmony still believe they might have a chance. If we’ve learned anything from watching reality TV talent shows over the years, it is that the person everyone thinks is going to win… often doesn’t. So who will prove victorious as The X Factor USA winner for season 2? We’ll have the final votes for as they are announced in our live The X Factor results show recap right here!

The X Factor USA 2012 season 2.
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On The X Factor finale for season 2 tonight, there are three acts left vying to win a huge five million dollar recording contract: Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Fifth Harmony. However, According to most predictions out there on various fans sites and voting polls, only two of these three actually stand any chance of becoming The X Factor 2012 winner for season 2.

While Carly Rose Sonenclar of Team Britney Spears and Tate Stevens of Team L. A. Reid have been playing musical chairs with the top two spots in the voter rankings for a month, group act Fifth Harmony of Team Simon Cowell has been on the edge of elimination for weeks. Frankly, quite a few fans are still trying to figure out how exactly they made it to The X Factor season 2 finale over rival group Emblem3.

Even so, there are no few fans of Fifth Harmony who believe the Team Simon Cowell group could still somehow manage to sneak into the winner’s circle. We’ve even seen a few predictions they will be the ones who won The X Factor USA tonight right here on

Taking a long look at the voter rankings in the past few months and scanning through the fan polls and blogger predictions, I personally think it would be a shock if Fifth Harmony did end up as The X Factor 2012 season 2 winners. Still, stranger things have happened on these talent-based reality TV shows. So it’s wise to never count anyone out until the official X Factor winner has been announced.

More likely than not, however, either Tate Stevens or Carly Rose Sonenclar will end up being the person who won The X Factor USA season 2. My personal bet is actually on country sweetheart Tate Stevens squeezing into first place courtesy of his American heartland voters. I’m the first to admit though, it could just as easily be Carly Rose Sonenclar named as The X Factor 2012 winner for season 2.

Let’s put the speculation behind us and jump right ahead to finding out who won The X Factor USA tonight, shall we? Our live The X Factor results show recap starts right here at 8PM ET. Join us as we bring you all the action live as it happens!



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  2. Grace Sweet says:

    I’m happy for Tate Stevens he is deserving to win the ex factor God bless you and your family

  3. I m happy for Tate whi is the Winner:)

  4. I am Happy for Tata that he did it..Good Luck Tate..:):)

  5. Happy for TATE:)


  7. Happy for the winner!

  8. CARLY ROSE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Stupid tate!! I hate that he ,,,won!!

  10. tate is better:)

  11. Carly Rose Sonenclar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the way


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