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  • Chandra

    Uhm, anybody who watched the show knew right away that when Dodds offered to go with Olivia he would be dead by the end. It was obvious. And I don’t know whether it was the writers, the directors, or the editors, but this was the worst episode of SVU ever. The threat to Barba last week was basically ignored this week and once again the show is all about Olivia and how even Dodds death is about her. In fact far too many shows have been focused on her while the rest of the cast is left in the background – Interesting that this has occurred more and more since she became a producer. Dreadful show that used to be good.

    • Tammie Slogeris

      I agree with you on a lot of your points. I am really upset that the episode didn’t have more on the threats to Barba. I didn’t think that it was obvious that Dodds was going to die, but based on the preview last week, we knew he was going to at least get shot. I also agree that since Mariska Hargitay started producing episodes, she has been the center of the storyline A LOT. I really hope that the next season is more focused on the unit as a whole and a little less on her, but I really think that they are going to end up focusing on her and Tucker’s relationship now that he is not working for IAB. Was I the only one that thought Tucker was going to propose in the last scene? That would have made it even more about Olivia and less about Dodds’ death, I’m actually really glad that didn’t happen. I do however see it happening in the future and I’m curious to see how she reacts to it given her past.

    • Fay

      I totally agree. The show is all about her…which is so annoying. The psychiatrist pointed out something I didn’t think about: Olivia was actually happy she survived instead of Dodds. I just felt that the happiness at the end was so premature…not saying she should be moping around, however, it seems like the grieving for Dodds was short lived. The character and the actress make the show all about her. I’m sure most people, like myself, are so over the pathetic love affairs.
      I personally would love the show to be more about the other characters…they are really outstanding. I wish they went further with the Barba threat storyline. Carisi and Fin are wonderful too.

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