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  • David

    This is a very interesting analysis, Joy. I was already convinced of Amanda’s talent by the time she got to “Dream On”, but could never have imagined that her knockout performance of that song would produce a problem rather than widening her appeal. But your argument about the producers manipulating the results is plausible. Even my 14-year old said that the producers “wouldn’t let Trevin win because he’s too much like the winners from the first two seasons.” My whole family noted the sob stories and that Amanda’s refusal to play that game might hurt her in the end. Still, her song selection displayed a boldness and range of talent that would have given the show their first breakout star, if the producers had had more vision. Instead, they chose what they perceived to be the “safe” route and ended up with a bland winner destined to fade fairly quickly, while Amanda and a couple of others will go on to more success. One can hope that this embarassment will keep the producers’ fingers off the scale in future contests.

  • cheeseburger

    i think that melanie should have won because cassadee never shouldve won and we all know that adam picked the wrong song for her, but if your doing all this ‘tweaking’, you shouldve let nicholas go.

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