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  • joseph1217

    Maybe next season, the audience shouldn’t be allowed to see the contestants. It is disturbing when a public raised on the “whole package” concept the industry has been perpetuating since the 1950’s, votes for the “package”. IMHO, she is a one note, one tone singer (hello Rhianna), that will become very rich and famous. And real talent remains on the fringe.

  • Omg!!! I didn’t want Cassadee to win! She had way more experience and she was most likely to win. I wanted Nicholas David to win! People thought he was ugly, but he had a WONDERFUL voice!

  • Sam Morales

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cassadee won!!! she was the most talented and best singer on the season 3 of the voice. She deserved every bit of it and couldnt ask for anymore!!!! Go TEAM BLAKE!!!!!! Go TEAM CASSADEE POPE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary Ann Rothermel

    I’m happy for the three winners; Nicholas David – 3rd; Terry McDermott – first runner-up; and Cassadee Pope – WINNER!! It was exciting to see that they all got a car. CONGRATULATIONS!! I felt a little sad for Trevin Hunte when he was voted off, but I know he will go far because he is a NATURAL. His voice will help him reach mountaintops. Nicholas David has this down to earth tone in his voice that will carry him far and his voice will remain in people’s hearts. Terry McDermott’s voice – just resonates with every song that he sings. Cassadee’s voice has been perfected each week. This is one of the best shows on TV!! May this show always have good ratings.

  • auden444

    PS.. Will you be doing this page for Season 4 in March??

  • auden444

    I just wanted to thank you for posting this right after every show!” To thank you for the time & work you put into this page!! Thank you for the videos & details!! For making it your own & adding your opinions each episode!! I love the Voice, but I work at night now & without you I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it!! You Rock!! THANK YOU!!

    • Well thank you very kindly for coming by and posting such nice things! We do it out of love for fabulous folks like yourself. 🙂

      • auden444

        Thats so cool!! Its very much appreciated!! Can’t wait for season 4 after that pickup commercial!!

  • Alexis

    Very disappointed… cassadee had plenty of chances.. Terry you rock !! And should have won !!!

  • cheylynne


  • Maya

    PISSED THAT CASSADEE WON. In my opinion, Terry was a much better signer and i especially thought Terry should’ve won because Cassadee already had her chance in the spotlight-she was the lead signer of the band Hey Monday. No doubt Terry will go far in his music career and i wish him all the best, i just wish he would’ve won- he deserved it.

  • Kim

    They picked her based on being able to sell concert tickets…she’ll either be a flash in the pan, or she’ll be the next Shania Twain with her rocker roots in cowboy boots. Terry McDermott was the most talented though. If it was on talent alone, he should have won, and he’ll sell out rock concerts. Nicholas David will have a long career selling albums that can be re-packaged at Christmas time, Valentines, whenever…

    I think it should have been Terry, but it’s about marketable people and Cassadee can be just about anything they want her to be, and THAT is what will make them the most money.

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