The Voice Season 3 Finale Recap: Who Won The Voice 2012?

The Voice 2012 season 3 winner will finally be announced live tonight in a two-hour, guest-star packed finale on NBC. At the end of The Voice results show this evening, one lucky finalist will be going home with a huge recording contract and, if they are very lucky, a glorious future career in the music business to look forward to. Or, at least, a few years of raking in some extra cash before they fade into anonymity and try to stay relevant between stints in rehab. Who won The Voice 2012 season 3 tonight and hopefully won’t be a tabloid ‘where are they now’ joke several years down the road? Join us for our live The Voice finale recap and find out with us!

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This post contains The Voice season 3 spoilers from the elimination results show finale. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who won The Voice 2012 season 3!


 As talented as the final three contestants on The Voice season 3 are this year, I cannot help but think of the great singers who did not make it to finale tonight. In particular, I feel it is almost criminal that De’Borah, formerly of Team Christina Aguilera, was so cruelly eliminated too soon in the competition. I still do not understand what the hell Christina was thinking in keeping Adriana Louise when she had the chance to save De’Borah. Oh, wait, Christina Aguilera was thinking she preferred the hot mini-me girl with substandard vocals to the oddball with the amazing pipes. Whatever.

While waiting for The Voice finale for season 3 to begin and contemplating the odds of who won The Voice 2012 season 3, I also find myself kind of irritated by the strong possibility Cassadee Pope of Team Blake Shelton may take home the grand prize.

Personally, I’ve always felt these reality TV show talent competitions should be for people who haven’t had the chance to really showcase their talent before to the public at large. Cassadee Pope already had her day as the lead singer of Hey Monday. She has toured with bands like Fall Out Boy, guest starred in music videos and on television, modeled for a fashion line, and released several albums. Cassadee was even courted by Sony Entertainment for a possible recording contract, according to a $50 million lawsuit filed against her by her former managers, who claim she skipped out on her contract with them when she got a better offer.

Whether or not Cassadee Pope is the best singer on The Voice season 3 or the best performer, I honestly think she should have never been allowed on the show at all. She has already had more chances than most singers to make it. So I would not at all be disappointed if Nicholas David or Terry McDermott managed to snag The Voice season 3 winner’s title tonight right out from under her nose.

Unfortunately, in my opinion–which you can feel free to flame me for–there are a lot of predictions out there choosing Cassadee Pope as the person who won The Voice 2012 season 3. I’m still hopeful, however, that predictions like this one calling the win for rocker Terry McDermott might actually come true.

Who did the voters choose in the end to be The Voice winner for season 3? We’ll bring you the results as they happen in our live The Voice results show finale recap starting at 9PM ET.

RECAP: Opening the show’s guest performances tonight is the Unapologetic Rihanna, who wows the crowd with a performance of “Diamonds” that just makes me think Cassadee Pope has a long way to go before she’ll be competing with the likes of this diva. Rihanna may not be talented in the ways of love, considering she’s cozying up with a man convicted of beating her face in, but she owns the stage like it’s her b**ch.

Next up we have Terry McDermott hitting the stage with former competitors Michaela Paige, Amanda Brown, Rudy Parris and Bryan Keith. They look like they are having way too much fun with a playful rendition of “Rock and Roll All Nite” by Kiss. This is a hell of a fun performance and even if Terry doesn’t win, at least he got to go out having a blast.

Taking it down to a more mellow mood, we have a smooth and delicious duet of “Crusin'” featuring Nicholas David and the legendary Smokey Robinson. Nicholas may pale as the stage lights glowing on his long, shiny, hippie hair, but he would have fit right in singing on Motown records back in the day.

Time to give The Voice 2012 coaches some more attention to stretch out the two-hour finale. We learn Adam Levine is apparently the master of all instruments. Host Carson Daly also notes he can do so shirtless, like he did last night. Which just makes me laugh out loud because it was hilarious watching him play guitar in that wig…

The Killers are next up in the guest performance rotation performing “Here With Me” with top 3 contestant Cassadee Pope. While it isn’t terrible, it is kind of a little boring after the last two performances. A perfect time to refill the coffee cup to get through the rest of the endless ‘entertainment’ before the results are finally announced!

Apparently the decision was made to throw all the hot and adorable guys who have been eliminated on stage together next. Maybe The Voice producers are trying to convince them they need to start a boy band and become the next One Direction.

Diego Val, Cody Belew, Dez Duron, Julio Cesar Castillo and Mackenzie Bourg all rush the stage for a preformance of “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne. Let’s just say it is kind of weird and not the best performance of the night. Thank goodness Cody’s awesome voice and Mackenzie’s cute Harry Potter-ness kind of make it a little fun.

Now coach Blake Shelton gets his moment in the sun with a somewhat amusing bit about how much he seems to think everyone–male, female, gay and straight–is hot. Cassadee Pope jokes that there might be a love connection between Blake Shelton and Michael Bublé.

The Voice season 3 finale gives way briefly for a promo of The Voice season 4, which will have some new faces on the judging panel. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton all have a ‘moment’ singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” together with new judges Shakira and Usher in a truck as they are supposedly on the way to The Voice season 4 auditions.

I am not sure who was thinking making Adriana Louise, Devyn DeLoera, Joselyn River, Loren Allred and Sylvia Yacoub team up on a disco song was a good idea, but here it is. Seeing them all up there on stage doing an odd and way too pop diva version of “Best of Love” by The Emotions just reminds me how Christina Aguilera really has a hard time picking performers for her team who aren’t little clones of herself…

The last group performance of the evening is also perhaps the best as Nicholas David is joined on stage by Trevin Hunte, Dez Duron and Amanda Brown for “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men.

Not about to let the evening finish out without putting their faces and voices in front of the camera again, The VOice 2012 judges Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine have one last hurrah performing “(Good Riddance) Time of Your Life” by Green Day.

All of the guests have come and gone. All the previous contestants have been shoved back into their boxes. Now we’ll finally learn what the voters have decided and who they have named as the winner of The Voice 2012 season 3! Here are the results:

3rd Place: Nicholas David

2nd Place: Terry McDermott

The Voice season 3 winner is: Cassadee Pope!

Did your favorite win it all? Are you outraged at who the voters chose? Give us your rants and raves in our comments section below!

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That’s it for our The Voice 2012 live recap tonight. Join us here again next season for more The Voice recaps! Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all our latest updates.


  1. joseph1217 says:

    Maybe next season, the audience shouldn’t be allowed to see the contestants. It is disturbing when a public raised on the “whole package” concept the industry has been perpetuating since the 1950’s, votes for the “package”. IMHO, she is a one note, one tone singer (hello Rhianna), that will become very rich and famous. And real talent remains on the fringe.

  2. Omg!!! I didn’t want Cassadee to win! She had way more experience and she was most likely to win. I wanted Nicholas David to win! People thought he was ugly, but he had a WONDERFUL voice!

  3. Sam Morales says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cassadee won!!! she was the most talented and best singer on the season 3 of the voice. She deserved every bit of it and couldnt ask for anymore!!!! Go TEAM BLAKE!!!!!! Go TEAM CASSADEE POPE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mary Ann Rothermel says:

    I’m happy for the three winners; Nicholas David – 3rd; Terry McDermott – first runner-up; and Cassadee Pope – WINNER!! It was exciting to see that they all got a car. CONGRATULATIONS!! I felt a little sad for Trevin Hunte when he was voted off, but I know he will go far because he is a NATURAL. His voice will help him reach mountaintops. Nicholas David has this down to earth tone in his voice that will carry him far and his voice will remain in people’s hearts. Terry McDermott’s voice – just resonates with every song that he sings. Cassadee’s voice has been perfected each week. This is one of the best shows on TV!! May this show always have good ratings.

  5. PS.. Will you be doing this page for Season 4 in March??

  6. I just wanted to thank you for posting this right after every show!” To thank you for the time & work you put into this page!! Thank you for the videos & details!! For making it your own & adding your opinions each episode!! I love the Voice, but I work at night now & without you I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it!! You Rock!! THANK YOU!!

  7. Very disappointed… cassadee had plenty of chances.. Terry you rock !! And should have won !!!


  9. PISSED THAT CASSADEE WON. In my opinion, Terry was a much better signer and i especially thought Terry should’ve won because Cassadee already had her chance in the spotlight-she was the lead signer of the band Hey Monday. No doubt Terry will go far in his music career and i wish him all the best, i just wish he would’ve won- he deserved it.

  10. They picked her based on being able to sell concert tickets…she’ll either be a flash in the pan, or she’ll be the next Shania Twain with her rocker roots in cowboy boots. Terry McDermott was the most talented though. If it was on talent alone, he should have won, and he’ll sell out rock concerts. Nicholas David will have a long career selling albums that can be re-packaged at Christmas time, Valentines, whenever…

    I think it should have been Terry, but it’s about marketable people and Cassadee can be just about anything they want her to be, and THAT is what will make them the most money.

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