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    I agree with all of you. I truly enjoyed this show. I felt like it got cut off at the knees and I feel like it is not even over yet or should not be. It is so strange how it all went down. Tons of bad press, actors resigning and then bam, canceled and bye. Ugh. Not even close to how bad Dexters final season was, but still a big disappointment. I feel like if they knew they were getting canceled they could of nailed it. They did not even get a chance.

  • Teri

    Amen on all your accounts. To say this season was pitiful is an understatement. Shows come and go, but good ones are so rare. Castle was so good, that to see it treated so shabbily by its Network is a sin. ABC dropped the ball on fans and everyone on Castle who lost their jobs because of poor decisions. To believe that this show could survive without Beckett is the dumbest thing I have seen in a a long,long, time. Loksat was so boring as was Castle’s disappearance. What the hell was that even about? Made no sense. I could write better than that and so could all you ladies!

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