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Anam is a self proclaimed TV nerd who loves all things TV. She's a DC local and advocates for children in need whenever she can. Her favorite way to unwind after a day of activism is with an episode or two of one of her many favorite shows and a live tweet session.

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  • Teri

    The treatment that Castle received by ABC is atrocious. Disrespectful and betrayed. Fans, cast and crew who all lost jobs and Stana Katic and Tamala Jones. Treated like dirt after 8 seasons. S7-8 were boring as hell and the Showrunners gave us nothing we wanted to see. I am mad at this ending because it took us getting the show killed to keep our Co-lead favorite actress from being killed. That is wrong and everyone deserved better. Anam, thanks for your columns. Enjoyed them.

    • Anam Ahmad

      Thank you for reading along! Completely agree with what you said, these last couple years have been nothing like they should have been. It’s hard to fathom that had the fans not fought so hard to have the show canceled they were going to kill off Beckett and attempt to continue. The fact that they even thought it was a good idea is hard to stomach.

  • albert marks

    Having gone from a mega fan to a non fan (post S6E23) all I have to say is who cares. For most fans I know the show ended 2 years ago. Only thing I will always want to know is who made the decision to take one of the best written shows ever on TV and turn it into the schlok we’ve been fed recently.

    • Shana Lieberman

      I, too, would like to know what caused that decision. Sadly, unless there’s one of those Lifetime “unauthorized” documentaries about the rise and fall of Castle, we’ll probably never have any answers about anything.

    • Anam Ahmad

      I would love to know the answer to that too. I have my theories but it would be nice to know wtf happened? We probably won’t be getting any answers anytime soon :/

  • Lilly

    This whole season was pretty bad. And the behind-the-scenes drama that brought everything to a close this year was distracting. (I’d rather be blissfully unaware of the prima-donna attitudes of the actors I enjoy!) All in all, they wrapped most everything in a bow, but they screwed the end up with that stupid scene with the shooting in the apartment. Wasn’t enough time to explain how/why he came back, so why not remove it entirely? They could have fleshed out what happened to all the other characters in that 60 seconds…. Just seemed rushed and lazy. But I’ll enjoy re-watching the earlier seasons over and over!

    • Shana Lieberman

      “Rushed and lazy.” Nailed it.

    • Anam Ahmad

      Agreed. They should have left the shooting out and panned out to show what everyone else was doing 7 years later or made the Caskett family scene longer. The shooting was pointless.

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