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Anam is a self proclaimed TV nerd who loves all things TV. She's a DC local and advocates for children in need whenever she can. Her favorite way to unwind after a day of activism is with an episode or two of one of her many favorite shows and a live tweet session.

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  • Albert Marks

    As a huge fan of this series through S6E23, I won’t be watching this final episode. In reality this isn’t the series finale. The original CASTLE series ended some time ago. This is the end of a different series also named CASTLE with no relationship to the original other than the name and cast. This series had no underlying story just a group of disjointed procedurals. This series lacked any of the chemistry of the original. This series had none of the amazing writing of the original. As much as I’ll enjoy re-watching my “best of Castle” collection, I am quite glad the network chose to end the charade at this time.

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