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  • Lilly

    Sorry – have enjoyed Tyler and Corey and their great attitude and sense of humor all season, but they seemed to get cocky and kinda mean at the end. Was rooting for Cole and his mom in the end, but glad for Dana and Matt.

    • Yeah, I think they did get a little too cocky towards the end. However, I could not root for Dana and Matt. She was just too rude and mean to Matt and I did not like that. I would have loved to see Sheri & Cole win, as they were a joy to watch all season long and always so positive and I like that!

      • Joyce

        I agree, Tyler and Corey cockiness towards the end was a real turnoff. I just loved Sheri and Cole and so wanted to win

    • Joyce

      Couldn’t agree with you more, I liked Matt, Dana however, annoyed me to no end.

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