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  • Ronnie

    Carly is a member of the Tribe. I’ll take her.

  • Kim

    Tate always tries to sound like someone else….although that is a talent….a singer that does not make. Carly has an amazing voice….and the fact that she is thirteen….only makes it that much more impressive. just because she is young does not mean she “still needs to grow”…She is at a much higher singing level than Tate or 5th Harmony…Also not all the girls in 5th Harmony contribute to every song. Also, how many times have we all seen the horrors of a girl group or boy group …personalities clash….jealousy…etc. I think if X Factor wants to get their moneys worth…Carly is the Winner!!!

    • I agree, Tate sounds (to me) like any ordinary country singer… Carly is plain and simply more talented than the others.

    • Tate fan

      Nah, Carly seems really stuck up. She is talented, but Tate is the whole package and he isn’t fake.

  • Anna

    Go Tate or Fifth Harmony! They eliminated Beatrice Miller, who was genuinely good, because of her age, instead of CeCe Frey (not saying she’s not awesome, too!). If it was based on age, Carly would be out. I’m afraid Carly Rose Sonenclar will win- and I’m sorry, I really don’t want her to. She’s not fun or energetic- I just don’t think she’ll do very well in the record business whether she wins or not.

  • This show is called the x factor for a reason, and it is obvious Carly has the best voice.

  • toughgirl

    So shallow monique..worn leather looks better than new

  • Liz

    I hope Tate Stevens wins. He is the best

    • Luke

      Lets go Carly! She is way better then Tate and 5th harmony

      • Anna

        I don’t like Carly… she’s boring to watch

  • Robert

    Not 5th Harmony. There’s a couple girls who definitely should be singing solo. They were good but there inconsistency throughout the competition will cost them. Carly Rose will win. Her voice is amazing and at 13 she will have a long career ahead of her. Tate was very good throughout competition the but he will come up short.

  • Ava

    It sickens me how quick people can jump to sterotyping, and then sit back and ask what’s wrong with America? All people aren’t out to do immoral things and hurt others. All country music fans are not “rednecks”, and rednecks are not bad people as it is always implied. Why does everyone forget that this is a singing competition? It has nothing to do with age, family, morals, lifestyle or anything like that. I am a fan of all types of music, and I think all three contestants deserve to be where they are. Who do I think will win? Don’t really know, but I think the “best” voice (as of today) is Tate Stevens. Carly has an awsome voice for a thirteen year old girl. She will go places for sure, but she needs a little more experience. Fifth Harmony are improving more and more each day. Who knows where they could be if it wasn’t the end of the competition? Whoever wins, America is in for some great music and entertainment for the future.

    • Anna

      uhhh… okay then


    Im so sick of hearing the Tate Stevens is a family man. If he wins he will replace her with a young hottie!

    • No he won’t replace his wife. Thats the problem with people today they don’t take their vows seriously. You can tell they are in love for the long haul. So sorry Monique it won’t happen. I hope Tate wins and yes he’s a true family man. Anyone with that much emotions inside will never hurt anyone like that especially his wife.

    • Marie-Louise Mortensen

      I agree with you MONIQUE! If he wins, he will move on from his family faster than you or I can blink…ha ha

      • Doreen

        I agree with you Karen..Maybe Monique & Marie-Louise is that what happened to you two, your men moved onto greener pastures?? You watch closely, Tate is a family man & he won’t leave his lady & family, & I believe he will win !!!

    • Anna

      Not everybody is that bad- I like Tate.

  • Jo Lunchbox

    Carlymis by far the presence of natural talent and promise. I’m a guy, aged forty but I can’t help but be fully entertained by her and look forward to what has yet to come from this young lady in years ahead. Depth of soul should prevail but I can’t help but think that every red neck in America with a pre-pay cell phone will vote the country hick in by a nose. Shame
    From NZ

  • StephDutch

    I think it will be a shocker and 5th Harmony will win!!!

  • CJ

    I hope Tate Stevens wins. Fifth Harmony is my second choice and Carly is my third. I know everyone loves Carly, but I just don’t care for her voice. It seems over rehearsed, if that’s possible and her performances are never fun and entertaining.

    • Jill

      I agree with CJ. Carly is too dull and boring to watch and listen to. Loosen up a bit, you’re only 13!!!

    • StephDutch

      I don’t care for Tate he is boring too!

    • Anna

      I totally agree with you guys. Carly doesn’t really do anything- then again, not all the girls in Fifth Harmony really even sing that much. I think if these people want to give their money to the BEST singer, then they should give it to Tate. He moves around on stage and he is a one man act, so you don’t have to worry about him not contributing.

  • cindy

    It’s a numbers game now….wouldn’t be surprised if 5th harmony take it.

    • StephDutch

      They will.

  • cristina

    First thing FAMILY MAN Tate will do is get a new young wife asa he has the 5m….

  • Fifth harmony

    they are really good and everyone loves them

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