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  • Tammie: Did you not notice that the Mayor in his statement to the public at the end of the episode, referred to Officer Hayes as dead? As in “the death of Officer Hayes”
    Apparently in the script at one time the officer was supposed to die in the retaliation shooting by Santana instead of being possibly crippled like the Mayor was.
    It was sort of funny to see the Reagan’s sitting around the TV when the Mayor makes his statement and there is no reaction to the incorrect description of what happened to the Officer.

    • Tammie Slogeris

      I thought I was the only one that noticed that! I was sitting there and I remember thinking to myself “did I miss something? I’m pretty sure he isn’t dead…”

    • David T

      I rewinded back through to see if I missed him being dead. Looks like a mistake on their part.

      • Tammie Slogeris

        I watched it a couple times and it was definitely a mistake on their part.

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