Nancy Kerrigan Brother Mark Kerrigan Pleads Not Guilty to Beating Father

Nancy Kerrigan‘s 45-year-old brother, Mark Kerrigan, pled not guilty on Monday¬†to charges he assaulted their father shortly before his death. Daniel Kerrigan died Sunday after the two allegedly fought at the family’s home on Massachusetts. Mark Kerrigan is facing a charge of assault and battery on an elder with serious bodily injury.

American Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan (Photo: Gianluca Platania - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Daniel Kerrigan reportedly collapsed after his son allegedly choked him during an argument over using the telephone, according to police reports. The two were reportedly screaming at each other and exchanging physical blows. Police reported Mark Kerrigan appeared intoxicated when they arrived and were forced to subdue him with pepper spray.

Daniel Kerrigan was pronounced dead after being taken to a local hospital from the scene. Nancy and Mark Kerrigan’s mother told the Boston Herald her husband had “a massive heart attack.”

Just sad.

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  1. Why do the words “beating” and “Kerrigan” still pop up in the news??

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