American Idol 2013: What Do You Think of the New Judges?

American Idol Season 12 is gearing up to start shortly after the holidays. This season promises to be one of the best yet with its new, intriguing mixture of judges. I must say that I was disappointed to hear about the departures of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, but I am starting to feel the excitement of what kind of sparks may be ignited by the additions of American Idol 2013 judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban.

AMERICAN IDOL 2013 judges with host Ryan Seacrest. Fox Television.

Randy Jackson is the only returning American Idol 2013 judge from previous seasons. I was really glad to hear his decision to continue with American Idol Season 12. This “dawg” is one solid judge who consistently tells it like it is without demeaning contestants as his former cohort Simon Cowell would do. Jackson’s opinions and delivery of them are honest and believable, which demands viewers’ trust, giving the judging credibility.

Sadly, sexy singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez left to pursue her own career goals. What I liked about Lopez was that she was also just plain cute and down-to-earth. She was the nurturing one of the bunch, as was her predecessor Paula Abdul. Someone seems to always fill this role, and I have little doubt that pop star Mariah Carey will be the one to step into the nurturing role on American Idol 2013.

My greatest disappointment in the changes of American Idol 2013 judges is seeing Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler go. This iconic rocker won a lot of hearts with his surprisingly easy going nature and often overused approval phrase of “That’s beautiful. Just beautiful.” Not so beautiful sometimes was his attire that sometimes bordered on “costumes,” but he sure did add an element of interest and flair—and sincerity—that will be missed.

Nicki Minaj might just be the one to fill that void in American Idol Season 12 with her own flair. Songwriter, rapper Nicki Minaj will certainly provide a different style to the panel, as well as a different perspective. I’ll watch with great curiosity to see the changing styles—and colors—of her hair each night, if nothing else.

Then there’s country music star Keith Urban to round out the American Idol 2013 judges. That was the biggest surprise to me, as the country music has never been as well represented as it will be with Urban’s presence on the panel. Urban seems to be kind of a quiet, charming, yet unassuming guy, qualities in direct contrast to those of the flamboyant Nicki Minaj.

Will this new panel of judges for American Idol 2013 get along? For sure their personal as well as professional styles are different, so there are bound to be varying perspectives. Whether they bond as buddies remains to be seen, but as long as they respect each other’s differing opinions, they are sure to be one of the most diverse and arguably effective American Idol panels of judges thus far. That can only be good for the contestants, as each judge will coach America’s voters from a fresh perspective.

The American Idol 2013 premiere is right around the corner, and I, for one, can hardly wait to see the interaction of the judges. The American Idol 2013 auditions are my favorite shows, as we see a spread of auditions from wacky to wonderful. The auditions, however, are just part of the attraction. I’ll be watching the American Idol 2013 judges for sure.

The American Idol 2013 premiere airs in two nights on January 16th and 17th, 2013. Join us for our live American Idol Season 12 recaps, spoilers, previews, news, gossip and more right here at all season long!


  1. Niki Minaj is too young to be a judge, and she flirts with both the boys and the girls in a rather disgusting, fake manner, with no sincerity in her comments. I am pleasantly surprized to see how dignified Mariah Carey is as a person – I expected her to be so different due to her sexy outfits and manner in her music videos. I like the way she conducts herself, and her honest and sympathetic comments to the contestants. She appears to be a true lady – good for you Mariah. I like Randy – he is enthusiastic and honest in his assessments, and Keith Urban is a gentle, kind and well-mannered man, and gives good judgements.

  2. I Mute the sound when Nicki and Randy talk!! Not interested and very biased!!! Missing Simon and Paula!!!

  3. I agree with the comments about Niki. What was the judges thinking when they signed her on she is terrible. Her apperance her choice of words have no class all. I have watched American Idol since it aired but sadly have to say if she on next year you’ll lose me as well as a lot of others. Producer’s i hope you look at this closely.

  4. I love, love, love the new judges!! They always have something positive to say to each of the contestants and work well together, yes even Nicki!

  5. robert kangs says:


  6. Jane waddell says:

    Worse Judges ever!!! I can not believe how they are judging this season. It is not about the singing, don’t really know what it is about. They have sent home great singers and kept people who can not sing. Terrible judges!!! I agree nicki minaj is the worse however it takes more than one judge to send people home. Really miss Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez!!!

  7. Niki is annoying …. Get someone else.

  8. You are losing the following this year. Nikkie has no right to be a judge. She is big zero!

  9. American Idol sucks this season, I saw maybe a half hour so far and those judges have the personality of wall paper!

  10. I won’t be watching this year. Nicki Minaj is terrible. I like Mariah, Randy and Keith but Minaj has ruined the entire show. She should stop talking and defer to Randy. I have watched American Idol since the first season but this year it has been boring and a lot of the singers they sent through to Hollywood just aren’t that good.

  11. PLEASE!!!!! get rid of Nicki Menaj…she is ruining the show. Probably won’t be watching the show anymore because of her…!!!! Yah! I agree with a lot of the other comments that were said : Miss Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Miss Simon also…but hey! X Factor took American Idol’s place 100%. Anxious for next season. For Gosh sakes do something about the pick of your judges…’cause you are losing a lot of viewers

    • I agree she has sucks

      • I agree with all comments about Nicki Menaj she has no class what were the producers thinking when they hired her on. I v’e stopped watching the program which i have watched since it’s aird. Words can’t express how awfull and loud mouth and appreance is. Wonder what Simon thinks. And Randy he’s seems to follow her stupidity…..

  12. Please get ride of Nick I M she is ruining the whole program

    • isn’t she though…she is such an asss!

    • You’re absolutely right. Every show makes it clearer that Minaj has to dress and groom in an offbeat manner because otherwise she would have no impact in show business. Her talent is barely minimal, and her musical insight nonexistent. Two days after she retires she will be utterly forgotten.

  13. Putting Mariah Carey and Nicki on the judges panel was a huge mistake. You have two divas who want to go at each other throughout the show. Not entertaining in the least. In fact, I won’t watch it again.

  14. I am sadden to here that Jenifer Lopez will not be their will miss her she is a delight, Steve Tyler I am glad to see that he is no longer their he was a disgrace need I say more . Randy I always did like you. You are very well respected and liked . Have a good and wonderful year looking forward to helping judge a new singer this year, as I did in the past Jenifer Hudson, Scotty McCurrey, Phil Phillips to name a few

  15. johnny marquez says:

    I use to watch american Idol,not anymore,wrong choice for one judge,my mom always said if you have nothing good to say about someone dont say anything,sorry nicki,good bye American idol.

  16. I love the fact of keith urban and randy being judges. I question mariah will have to see how she judges and her style. but nicki minaj has to go she doesn’t know how to sing and is a low class act. I am not looking forward to watching idol because of her. we will see how the few first episodes go will be the determining factor if i watch the whole season.

  17. I am OK with all but Niki Minaj was a big mistake she a low class gutter rat.

  18. i actually think that niki minaj ia amazing and deserves to be a judge on american idol as she has a different taste to music xxxx

  19. i absolutely hate the fact that nicki minaj is a judge!! she totally sucks and needs to be replaced. i think they r going to lose a lot of viewers b/c of her!! i will so miss steven tyler and jenifer lopez. they were the best!

  20. I’ll definitely be missing Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez on American Idol. Like you said I appreciated Lopez’ nurturing feedback and also Steven Tyler’s iconic rocker feedback. This season should be interesting since it will have such a diverse aray of styles and personalities on the panel. I’m glad to see Randy Jackson return to the show.

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