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  • Larkin

    I wish i never had watched this show, killing Cami was brutal, unnecessary, there was so much to be developed, how they can think that we can watch this show after killing our favorite and be reminded seeing other couples and characters some coming back over and over that Camille ‘life was ended not once but twice and before even living it, to accomplish something other than be Klaus ‘ redemption? Now Aurora and Lucien not only outlived Camille but they succeeded in their plan to break up them and then get a revenge on Klaus. And why Camille? She is not the only person in Klaus; life to be targeted but she was the characters “less popular” in mainstream like this Jan dude has proved with her negative comment! This was nasty and damn wrong for Leah and for all of us who put our heart watching this show. time for the last 3 years, So waht thee point what this leave us? ..I could not even bring myself to watch the episode, and what about the title.. A complete ambush and betrayal, i cannot ever watch any of JP shows ever again, but also i can even look at these writers with the respect. trust and love i had for them, that’s gone. Sorry about the rant.

    • Don’t be sorry about the rant. You’re completely entitled to rant and give your opinion. I am still a bit in shock that they chose to kill her, especially since I thought the writers were firmly set on making Cami the Matt of The Originals. The unstoppable human, even as a vampire. I though eventually they find a way to turn her human. But if you do finally decide to watch the episode, I thought overall it was really well done. Sad and heartbreaking but really well acted.

      • Larkin

        Thank you very much. Yeah i saw some gifs,, too much pain, can’t handle it. I thought as well she wasn’t gonna be killed twice, we were led to believe that Klaus and Cami will be finally together, side by side fighting enemies, because she was the one, a woman who loved Klaus, who accepted him and trusted him, she risked her life for him, she died cuz of him, and she knew the dangers but chose him, she was Klaus love of his life and a great characters full of potential but they killed her? What happened? I was so excited to see Cami; vamp journey/see more of that darkness. If the writers did this only for a certain character on another show, when MN said not to be an option. they have just made a huge disservice to Leah , themselves but to all of us loyal fans who only showed love and appreciation, not to mention all tweets MN said giving us hope, but then bam they kill Cami ?Totally unfair and unjustified. I cannot watch or love this show w/o her.I really loved Leah’ acting, i enjoyed every minute. They let us all down and they don’t care..

  • Jan

    How delusional do you have to be to think Cami was untouchable or unkillable? She did nothing but babysit and fetched coffee the first two season and spent all three season chasing Klaus. Half the time no one noticed she was missing from episodes.

    • Every series has characters that you pretty much know aren’t going to die. Cami seemed like one of them. So bye, Jan.

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