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  • Joan

    There’s only one winner and no other than Carly Rose! She’s so great, very talented and well spoken. And yes Britney she is the definition if xfactor 🙂

    • wel I find something unique about and i I blv she is the one to this competition…..

    • wel I find something unique about carly rose she gat this beautiful voice and of course she. young and i I blv she is the one to win this competition…..

  • I have no idea what show most of u people r watching??? There is only one singer this year and that is Tate. Look back at last years performers that went to the live shows, and u wonder why this years viewing audience is down by the millions???? Hum!!!!!!!

    • Christine

      Tate sounds like most CW singers. Carly owns her songs and could sing the phone book. I think Tate will win it purely on his maturity,

  • Tate or Carly……but I prefer Tate

  • Truly Carly is THE X FACTOR! She is AMAZING
    …a true child prodigy!! Tate is good but Tates are a dime a dozen….Carly is genuinely and uniquely talented beyond her years and her only not so good performances have been poor song choices by her loser mentor! I do not care for any of the mentors…GO CARLY!!

  • Carly fan 1

    My favirotes is Carly but emblem 3 was my second fav I just hope 5 harmony or Tate Stevens don’t win . GO CARLY!!!!

  • Brit G

    Hey people! The stars of this show are REAL people, they have feelings. Sure you have favorites and like somebody better than another, but that gives you no right to degrade him/her. Just keep it kind, you never know how your words will affect someone.

  • sifa

    It was time for emblem3 …. they were certainly not finale material. Karaoke singers at best.

  • adriana

    I think the country guy is the best. And 2nd carly but 5 harmony or what ever their called their not good they probably got in to the finals bec of their sex. Because carly was way better than 5 har- . I hope they dont win….


      Tate Stevens is the worst singer in history of x factor.

  • Amanda

    this is such nonsense.. america needs better taste



      • sifa

        Hahahahahaha! Emblem3 sucks.

  • Barb

    No Carly was NOT in the bottom. They picked the finalists at random and chose not to rate them. There was a poll online some 3or 4 thousand folks and the rating was:
    Carly 56%
    5th Harmony 23.5%
    Tate 12.6%
    Interesting IMO.. No doubt the votes went to 5th Harmony over Emblem 3
    I truly would like to see Carly FTW however no matter what she will have a contract and no doubt will become a star!

    • Kenzie

      That’s an ONLINE POLL not the x factor one… it’s not the same… duh?

      • Barb

        Thank you for your courteous comment. First there is no XFactor poll, and the contestants are not being rated as to standings. The online poll interestingly chose the actual three finalists.. even if you do not agree.

  • Phil

    I am a Carly fan but she is lucky she made it. The song selection that she has to work with is poor. I just hope she gets some good songs for the final, or Grace will be correct, the country music voters will propel Tate as the winner!

    • Jumbo Gi

      It was random, Carly was not third.

    • Valery

      Iam agree

  • Madison

    OMG Cary was in the bottom and got third place, this proves that we only voted for Fith Harmony because the sang in Spanish, what is wrong with America now!!!!!! Carly FTW

    • Anon

      It doesnt mean Carly was in the bottom. Remember there is a leaderboard blockout. She still could have gotten first or second if america thought tate did well.

  • Grace Sweet

    I know American love’ s country music …good luck three of you guys…

    • Valery

      I think we have the right to know the number of votes for every competitor.Random is ethically not correct when singer with the highest voting is nervous and standing all time on the bottom. This year X-factor is very poor for talents. In final they have only one gifted singer – CARLY. Remember how many talented singers were in American Idol on top 20 and how difficult it was the choice?
      Commonly juri is not professional. Their mentority especially blocks up the objectivity. Even competition between solo and group singing is a nonsense.

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