The X Factor 2012 Season 2 Recap: Who Made the Final 3!

Who got voted off The X Factor 2012 season 2 tonight? That’s the question everyone wants to know from this week’s The X factor results show for the semi-finals. The predictions and fan polls seem to be strongly in favor of Tate Stevens of Team L. A. Reid and Carly Rose Sonenclar of Team Britney Spears easily making the final three. However, the odds are much tighter on which of Team Simon Cowell‘s two group acts, Emblem3 or Fifth Harmony, might survive the night. Who was voted off The X Factor USA tonight? Which three acts will go on to perform in The X Factor season 2 finals next week? We have all the results for you right here in our The X Factor recap of the semi-finals elimination results show!


This post contains spoilers from The X Factor results show for the top 4 semi-finals elimination. Please stop reading if you do not want to know what happened and who got voted off The X Factor 2012 season 2 this week!


Here is the current voter ranking of the top 4 finalists going into The X Factor elimination results show tonight (based on last week’s votes):

1. Tate Stevens (Team L. A. Reid)
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar (Team Britney Spears)
3. Emblem3 (Team Simon Cowell)
4. Fifth Harmony (Team Simon Cowell)

Will your favorite act score a stop in the top three during The X Factor results show tonight and make it to the finals? Who went home on The X Factor results show this week? Join us for our live The X Factor season 2 recap here starting at 8PM ET and find out with us!

RECAP: Tonight on The X Factor results show, the judges will have absolutely no say in who gets to move on to the finals next week. The top three finalists will be chosen exclusively by the voters this week.

Of course, before we can get to those results, we have to have a whole lot of filler entertainment first. To kick off the show tonight, we have the top 4 acts on stage together performing “I’m Coming Home” by Diddy.

After our ‘Brady Bunch’ group performance by the top 4 acts to start off the evening, we move along to a brief recap of last night’s performances. The judges give their commentary as usual, which really doesn’t need repeating and is generally rather boring. You can watch the video below for all that jazz.

Now let’s get on with the elimination results shall we? After an endlessly long commercial break, we finally learn the first singer who will be declared safe tonight and go on to The X Factor season 2 finals. The first act put through by the voters to next week’s finale is…

Wow, this could turn out to be a very unexpected evening… because the first act announced as safe tonight is…

Fifth Harmony!

I really thought they would be the act least likely to move on to the finals next week. Now I’m starting to worry the results show tonight might hold more than one shock…

Next up is the first guest performance of the night with Bridgit Mendler singing “Ready Or Not” for the crowd. While the performance was decent enough, I personally just want to know who the rest of the top 3 finalists are!

Host Mario Lopez has to go and bring up The X Factor season 3 auditions, which just reminds me that my fingers are probably going to eventually fall off from recapping reality TV shows like this one.

Finally, we get to our next announcement of the results this evening and learn the next act declared safe by the voters tonight. This one is, thankfully, not a shock as the voters have decided to put through…

Tate Stevens!

That leaves Emblem3 and Carly Rose Sonenclar the last to find out their fates tonight. If for some insane reason America has voted to keep the boy band over the girl with the golden pipes, I swear I’ll scream out loud and scare the hell out of the neighbors.

One more delay before we learn the final results as Bruno Mars takes the stage to perform his hit “Locked Out of Heaven” for the crowd. I’m always a fan of Bruno Mars, but right now I just want to hit him over the head with a guitar and drag him off stage so I can learn who was voted off on The X Factor semi-finals results tonight!

Here we go with the last results of the night at last. The final two acts, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Emblem3 are on the stage. Which one will be voted off and which one will make it to the finals next week? The votes are in and the last act declared safe by the voters is…

Carly Rose Sonenclar!

Thank goodness because I really didn’t want to have to punch my computer screen if America really voted the boy band to the finals over Carly Rose. Thank you voters!

Here are The X Factor USA season 2 top 3 remaining contestants after the votes:

1. Fifth Harmony
2. Tate Stevens
3. Carly Rose Sonenclar

Eliminated: Emblem3

That’s all for our The X Factor USA 2012 recap for tonight. Join us here again next Wednesday night for our next The X Factor 2012 season 2 recap! Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all our latest updates.


  1. Gerry Lennon says:

    Well, Simon Cowell pulled off the miracle that he asked for. How much was down to America responding to the call for the ‘underdog’ vote, or the vote still being more volatile than most of us thought, including myself, is really just speculation. In truth, 5th Harmony had a very good night with both their songs. But that was true of Emblem 3, who I thought had a stronger core vote at this stage.
    The big loser on the night was Carly. A ‘so-so’ song sung in very similar style to she has done before, followed by a huge song which she did not pull off.
    Carly, and her mentor, do have a problem when it comes to extending her range, along with the limitations of ‘appropriate’ songs for her age. The other problem is with her voice. By that I mean, she has a great top range, she can flow at less than full throttle in songs like ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, but her quiet voice is not quite there yet. ‘Imagine’ needed a easy going soft voice, followed by an understated build …. not that over-the-top blast she gave here?
    Just because 5th Harmony were the first name called does not mean they topped the popular vote. I expected the 3rd placed one to be called first for the dramatic effect it had on the remainder, but it wasn’t Emblem 3. So, unless someone messes up badly, it looks even more likely to be a Tate Stevens win. The only surprise will be with the other two positions. Can 5th Harmony repeat/do better than last time? Or will Carly redeem herself with better song choice and performance?
    No one will lose out completely, but it will be a major surprise it Tate does not get the £5m contract.

  2. They are all very good, too bad someone had to go. As far as the girl band, they are just getting better and better all the time. what are they going to be like in 6 months or a year. Carly has the best vocals and Tate is great.

  3. In all honesty there is no point in arguing over who’s better between Fifth Harmony and Emblem3 because at the end of the day neither of them is the best performer of this show. It’s really a toss up between Tate and his strong country music fan base and Carly and her rhythm and soul music fan base.

    Plus, Simon said he would give the boys a record deal regardless if they won or not so you’ll be hearing from them again anyway. They really didn’t need to win.

  4. The problem with this show is that unfortunately there is no balance to make it realistic.
    This show is supposed to be a singing competition yet since most of the American votes are 40+ year old woman favoring a country singing working dad (I did not say he was bad!) is getting pushed ahead and they are not taking seriously the extremely hard work that a 13 year old girl puts in every week to deliver the incredible performances that she does.
    Carly Rose Sonenclar should cleary be the winner if this was truly a singing show as she is without a doubt..Fantastic.
    Sorry to say that because of the flawed vote, the title will go to Tate.

    • Technically, “The X Factor” isn’t just a singing competition, it’s an overall performance competition. So it’s not just about how talented someone is musically, it’s also about how captivating of a performer they are throughout the competition. Which is a little more realistic with how people tend to vote.

      They vote on how much they like the performance and not always who’s the better singer. But you are right about it being unbalance. Personally I think more shows need to do what shows like SYTYCD does, when the audience vote is only part of the score and the remainder comes from a panel of professionals in the industry.

      But I still have hope for Carly to come out on top. It just takes attentive votes for her to win.

  5. mark mcgowan says:

    I think emblem3 deserved to go they are another cheesy boy band doing california songs half the time they werent in tune. yes i do admit there were good on that show but 3 or 4 songs out of say 15 to 20 is not good they cant sing in tune and only really appeal to teenage girls and long haired boys and lets face it they have no chance against carly nobody has she has a voice like no other she pretty much perfected most songs from legends whitney, celine, adele, elton john, john lennon, beyonce

    • Yeah you’re right and i hate also the fact that some compare them to One Direction who also didn’t win X Factor UK, 1D is a way better than Emblem 3,…

  6. OMG TO BE HONEST, IM HAPPY FOR FIFTH HARMONY. They Emblem 3 is awesome, but we don’t need another ONE DIRECTION.

  7. Okay emblem3 are amazing they should not have gone I am so mad

  8. I like Carly. She has the best vocals out of the set in the finals. Go Carly!! I am your fan!

  9. lamanirolle says:

    i love E3 they will sell more records than fifth harmony this show is a joke

  10. Fifth Harmony do not deserve to still be in the competition

    • They’re amazing. Emblem3 needs to go!

      • lol no they are not amazing other competitors that have left deserve to be here way more than them

        • omoigroove says:

          woops replied in separate post!

          Basically, I agree with ANON. Between Emblem3 and Fifth Harmony I’d pick E3′s music any day. The girls might have good voices, but they neither have the stage chemistry and charisma nor a defined style and original material like the boys have. Look up their original stuff, seriously it’s really good.

          In the long run, Fifth Harmony will be manufactured into a throw-away pop group that sets a few of them on their solo tracks.

          • kourtneystromberg says:

            I couldnt agree more. <3 only that i REALLY think emblem3 are amazing.

          • How long have Emblem3 been together versus FH? The girls have been together less than three months and the most difficult part they have conquered, their voices flow. Give them time and they will continue to improve.

            I personally don’t go to concerts to watch someone dance around. I want to hear amazing vocals. I don’t care about anything else.

    • Ya’ll mad Fifth Harmony is amazing ya’ll just racist!!!! haha

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