The Voice Season 3 Recap: Top 4 Live Performances (VIDEO)

The Voice 2012 season 3 top 4 are ready to sing their hearts out for the voters on Monday night. Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte are all hoping they will make it to The Voice season 3 finale. After their live performances tonight, the choice of who will have a final chance to compete in The Voice finale for season 3 will be up to the voters. Which of The Voice top 4 will earn your votes this week and move on to the finals? Join us here for our live The Voice recap of the top 4 performance show and watch the action with us!


This post contains The Voice season 3 spoilers from the  top 4 live performances show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!


With the elimination of both Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez on The Voice elimination results show last week, team coach Adam Levine was left with no more singers to mentor. Despite starting off with a slew of extremely talented contestants this time around, Adam Levine is now out of the running to be the winning coach this season.

Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera, who lost her last team member Dez Duron previously, are now stuck together in loserville this season. Considering how much Adam Levine genuinely seemed to care about his singers, that really is kind of a shame. (Unlike Christina, who just mostly seemed kind of bored when her team members were cut one by one.)

With Team Adam and Team Christina both now out of the running, the semifinals this week comes down to a battle between Team Cee Lo Green (Trevin Hunte & Nicholas David) and Team Blake Shelton (Cassadee Pope & Terry McDermott). While the odds kind of seem in favor of Cassadee Pope at this point (hot girl, decent voice, pop star vibe), let’s not forget that Trevin Hunte is kind of almost a repeat of last year’s winner Jermaine Paul (soulful, sweet, R&B type guy).

Last year everyone thought it would be Tony Lucca or Juliet Simms who would take the win, but instead it was Jermaine Paul. So it is possible we could have a repeat in the works, although I think Trevin Hunte isn’t quite as strong a performer as Jermaine Paul was. Still, it isn’t about talent in the end with the voters, it is about popularity and mass appeal. While I seriously doubt Terry McDermott will make the final two (although I’d really like him to), I am still hesitant to make any call about the other three singers left in the competition. Who the voters will chooose to send home from The Voice semifinals this sesaon is anyone’s guess at this point.

Who will prove on The Voice top 4 performance show tonight they deserve to move on to the finals? Will your favorite singer make a big enough impression on the voters to make it to The Voice season 3 finale? Join us for our live The Voice 2012 recap and watch the semifinals battle with us tonight at 8PM!

RECAP: Well, it looks like the announcement has been made that there will be THREE singers in The Voice season 3 finale. So that means it will not come down to possibly having two singers from the same team fighting each other for the win. That means only one of the top 4 will be eliminated on The Voice results show tomorrow night.

To start off the entertainment for the evening, guest singer Michael Bublé takes to the stage with a preview for his Christmas special playing later tonight at 10PM.

After his requisite chat with the judges, host Carson Daly takes a minute to pay tribute to Latin star Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash on Sunday. Jenni Rivera was one of the coaches on The Voice Mexico.

Now we move on to the live performances from The Voice season 3 top 4!

First up is Trevin Hunte of Team Cee Lo Green. Before he takes the stage, we have a brief recap of his visit home to Georgia. He is “super-excited” to see his family. He says it is hard to say goodbye to his family, but they are behind him 100%. At a stop to his school in his hometown, Trevin tells the children hard work pays off and once they have a dream, it could always come true. He says it was an honor to spend tiem with the kids and dedicates his performance on the live show this evening to his school.

Trevin Hunte – “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler

Judges: Adam says he wanted Trevin to do this song and he killed it. He did a great job. Christina says the performance took her back to when she was starting out but she never sang it so well. He took it to a whole new level. Cee Lo says it is amazing how beautiful his voice is.

Vote: 1-855-864-2301

Next up is Nicholas David and his visit home to Minnesota includes a visit to his family’s new house for the first time and trip to the doctor to listen to his baby’s heartbeat. He says it feels the emptiness of being away from his family. Nicholas then heads off to the Mall of America and receives a golden microphone form the Mayor. He finishes off his journey with a performance at an old venue he used to play at. He says he is going to win this thing for his friends and family. He dedicates his song for the evening to his family.

Nicholas David – “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker

Judges: Adam says Nicholas is one of the most soulful people he has ever met and he really likes him. Cee Lo says Nicholas looks very handsome tonight and this was the right song to do. It was beautiful. He adds that they are his family too. Awwwh.

Vote: 1-855-864-2302

Now up to perform for us tonight is Cassadee Pope of Team Blake. Before she hits the stage, we get to watch her visit to her hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida. She says the support of her family means everything to her. Cassadee visits a radio station she has been listening to forever and then gives a performance for her fans. Her song tonight was picked for her by her coach Blake.

Cassadee Pope – “Stupid Boy” by Keith Urban

Judges: Christina says Cassadee knows she is a fan and her voice is always perfect. She says there are a lot of artists out there who wish they could do that song like that. Her passion really brings the lyrics to life and she is a true super star. Blake says Cassadee did country songs on the show this season because she could connect with the lyrics like no one else. Which is his way of justifying why he didn’t have her doing pop songs that might go more with her voice and look?

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Last up in the rotation tonight is Terry McDermott. The rocker takes a visit to his adopted hometown of New Orleans to visit with his family. His son is so dratted cute. Then it’s off to the Hard Rock Cafe to donate some items from The Voice. Then he has a fabulous surprise when his aunt and uncle from Scotland fly in to see him. Terry is singing a song of unity and love for all for his performance tonight.

Terry McDermott – “Let It Be” by The Beatles

Judges: Adam seems nearly speechless for a second. He says thank God for Terry, he is so wonderful. Adam says there is so much wrong with the world and it is so important to have these kinds of moments to inspire us. Blake says there are only a handful of singers who should even attempt that song and Terry is one of them. He calls it musical perfection.

Vote: 1-855-864-2304

After that wow moment in the ‘pimp spot’ (last performance of the night), I fully revise my thoughts that Terry McDermott would not make The Voice season 3 finals. Since there are three singers going through, I am going to now place my bet he makes it through… and Trevin Hunte is eliminated based on this week’s performances.

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That’s it for our live The Voice 2012 recap tonight. Join us here again Tuesday night for our The Voice elimination results show recap. Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all our latest updates.


  1. Isn’t “chooose” and “sesaon” but :

    Who the voters will CHOOSE to send home from The Voice semifinals this SEASON is anyone’s guess at this point.

  2. Vickie Bellus says:

    I also thought Trevin was off, I’m no singer myself but I can appreciate good music, it wasn’t there for me last night. I enjoyed the other three singers though. I loved the look on Terry’s face when he saw his Aunt and Uncle! I loved how Nicholas’s wife teared up when he sang to her, and I enjoyed Cassadee’s overall performance. Can’t wait to see it tonight at work. Thanks :)

  3. I thought each one of them is a great singer but with different styles and voices. I can’t really choose who is better. They are all good. I do love Nicholas because he sings with his heart like he is in his own world telling his story through music. I love to connect to music with my heart and emotion. Cassadee is beautiful, popular and can be so sweet some times. Terry has a straight sharp voice but probably a bit too sharp to my ears. Trevin is talented no doubt but he is not ready yet to be a ready-made singer. So whoever wins, I will congratulate him or her the same. Hey it’s nice to have Queen, Glen Campbell, Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Andrea Bocelli, Carpenter, etc etc right?

  4. I personally thought thatTrevin was not on pitch the last two weeks. I don’t think his ear buds are working or he is just not able to sing on pitch. He is a great guy by all appearances but he is young and has time to improve with vocal coaching. Cassadee sounded great tonight, as usual on pitch and clear as a bell. I love Terry and Nicholas but I think Trevin needs to go home for a little more vocal training. All in all for what ever it is worth Cassadee is the clear winner tonight. Young, beautiful, can sing like an angel and the timing might just be right for her to be a star now! We will see how close she will get to stardom tomorrow night!!!

  5. Home phone does not work and cell phone just rings busy.Text not possible.Can I vote on Internet?

  6. What happened with Terry Mc Dermott? You didn’t write up his performance or his voting number.

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