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  • gui452

    Isn’t “chooose” and “sesaon” but :

    Who the voters will CHOOSE to send home from The Voice semifinals this SEASON is anyone’s guess at this point.

  • Vickie Bellus

    I also thought Trevin was off, I’m no singer myself but I can appreciate good music, it wasn’t there for me last night. I enjoyed the other three singers though. I loved the look on Terry’s face when he saw his Aunt and Uncle! I loved how Nicholas’s wife teared up when he sang to her, and I enjoyed Cassadee’s overall performance. Can’t wait to see it tonight at work. Thanks 🙂

  • YL

    I thought each one of them is a great singer but with different styles and voices. I can’t really choose who is better. They are all good. I do love Nicholas because he sings with his heart like he is in his own world telling his story through music. I love to connect to music with my heart and emotion. Cassadee is beautiful, popular and can be so sweet some times. Terry has a straight sharp voice but probably a bit too sharp to my ears. Trevin is talented no doubt but he is not ready yet to be a ready-made singer. So whoever wins, I will congratulate him or her the same. Hey it’s nice to have Queen, Glen Campbell, Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Andrea Bocelli, Carpenter, etc etc right?

  • Janie

    I personally thought thatTrevin was not on pitch the last two weeks. I don’t think his ear buds are working or he is just not able to sing on pitch. He is a great guy by all appearances but he is young and has time to improve with vocal coaching. Cassadee sounded great tonight, as usual on pitch and clear as a bell. I love Terry and Nicholas but I think Trevin needs to go home for a little more vocal training. All in all for what ever it is worth Cassadee is the clear winner tonight. Young, beautiful, can sing like an angel and the timing might just be right for her to be a star now! We will see how close she will get to stardom tomorrow night!!!

    • anne

      I thought I was the only one hearing Trevin falling short on pitch. He’s not been hitting it since 2 weeks ago.

  • Dick

    Home phone does not work and cell phone just rings busy.Text not possible.Can I vote on Internet?

  • Ann

    What happened with Terry Mc Dermott? You didn’t write up his performance or his voting number.

    • Wasn’t done yet Ann! Give a girl some typing time. 🙂 I’ll have the video up quick as I can!

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